There are Very Few Real Surprises in Life


When I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child, people would always stop me and ask me what I was having. And my answer was always the same, ‘I don’t know’. 99% of the time they would tell me what they thought I was having and I always nodded and said “OK, I’ll just have to see you when the baby comes out”.

I never had a feeling whether the baby was going to be a boy or a girl. I just knew it was gonna be my healthy, happy baby and my husband and I were always looking forward to that surprise.

Why I Wanted the Surprise

My dad once told me there are very few real surprises in life and this is one of them. There are a few reasons why I wanted to be surprised of the gender.

First, was I wanted to see the look on my husband‘s face when the baby came out and he called out the gender. Second, I wanted to be excited about deciding on a name when the baby came out (of course, we had picked out a girl name and a boy name).  Lastly, I knew I was going to be excited to meet this new baby of mine, so I was going to be extra excited when I found out the gender.

There are so many doctors appointments and ultrasounds and planning for the baby. However, I don’t think the color of their onesies, pajamas, and sheets really matters. You can always add pieces of blue and pink after the baby comes home (if you want).

It drove so many of my friends crazy that I didn’t know the gender of the baby. They wanted to know more than I did!

The Gender Reveal at the Births

The first baby ended up being a girl and we were so thrilled!! We had the name Caroline picked out and she is the perfect Caroline. The boy name will just have to wait.

For our second, I decided not to find out the gender again. Again, people would say the same thing and I would too in response. And again like my first pregnancy, I never had a feeling whether I thought it was a boy or a girl even though I carried my second baby so differently than my first.

At the birth, we were surprised again with another girl.  Charlotte was perfect and the boy name would have to wait.

Then when I was pregnant with my third and heard the same comments and gave the same responses. And this pregnancy I carried even more differently than my first and second. This was the one time I thought, “wow, I could be having a boy.”

I actually thought about finding out the gender this time, because I already had two girls. If it were a boy I could figure out where everybody would sleep and maybe buy a couple new things. But then my husband and I realized it didn’t really matter, this baby could wear the same things that daughters wore when they were born. I was excited not to find out and sure enough another girl popped out.

Eleanor was just perfect and after all that we never got to use the boy name. It will have to wait.

Each of our three surprises were exciting at birth. I loved more than anything knowing the baby was healthy and that we would meet him or her when they were ready to join us.  If you are wondering if you should find out the gender or not or you are looking for an extra surprise with pregnancy this is perfect! It is so much fun (if you can wait the 40 weeks!).

Did you find out the gender of your baby? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Love this and totally agree it’s such an amazing surprise! We didn’t find out the sex of our first baby – a girl. Our second baby was frank breech starting at 31 weeks and everything felt so different. Since I was 38, I had genetic testing and our OB knew the sex of our baby. My husband had a lengthy conversation wiith the OB about whether or not to circumcise. The baby was born via emergency c-section due to a complication beyond breech. A doctor we didn’t know pulled the baby out and said “it just squirted me”. A boy?!? Nope. Another beautiful little girl. It really is the most amazing surprise ever.

  2. We were surprised with all three of ours too. Girl, boy, girl. EVERYONE thought I was crazy. I was never tempted to find out because I didn’t really care one way or another. For my third baby, two of my girlfriends knew. The ultrasound technician mailed a card to one friend and then she texted the other friend because she wanted to knit something for the baby.
    I have two sisters. One of them didn’t find out for her three either and the other sister found out with all three of hers.

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