12 Tips to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower


This is a guest article from Ami.

Many of us miss social gatherings during this unprecedented time, especially once in a lifetime occasions. With virtual baby showers, family and friends still have the opportunity to shower the mom-to-be with lots of love and fun.

Virtual gatherings can fall flat unless they have unique elements. Having been to a few of these fun events, I’m sharing highlights and tips. Perhaps they may serve as ideas for your next virtual baby shower.

12 Tips to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower:

  1. Consider a co-ed virtual baby shower so Dad can get in on the fun too!
  2. Set up a Facebook page for the baby shower to communicate various items and build up anticipation before the party. It’s also a great spot to share pictures before and after the event.
  3. Ask guests (who want to participate) to purchase newborn diapers before the party. Enter the names of the participants into a raffle for an Amazon gift card or other party favor/prize.
  4. Consider delivering snacks or a small party package, from a retailer, which includes swag and food to nibble on during the shower.
  5. Post a recipe for a mocktail that gives hints about the couple. The mocktail may be their favorite or it can hint to their favorite colors, plants, or places to places they’ve traveled to. (A mojito is a great selection!)
  6. Ask every guest to email their own baby picture ahead of time. At the party, start off with a slideshow of the pictures, asking guests to guess who the person in the picture is. This serves as a nice icebreaker and a fun way to introduce each other.
  7. Dress up and decorate your space too so that it gives off the party vibe.
  8. Design a Kahoot trivia game about the couple. The questions could include guessing the baby’s gender, due date, name, where the parents were born, etc.
  9. Include downtime to chat about the mocktail. Asking folks to guess why it was selected.
  10. Play Baby Bingo. Post the Bingo card templates on the Facebook page in advance.
  11. Post the winners of the raffles and games on the Facebook event page after the party. 
  12. Be sure to make note of the attendees so they all receive the baby announcement.

Hope this provides fun and useful ideas for a virtual baby shower!

Sample Kahoot Game

About the Guest Author:

Ami and her family live in Maryland. She loves spending time with them in her free time, and especially enjoys discussing a good book (or two, or three, or…😊). She is so thankful for all of the cultural and natural destinations around, since she’s a super fan of art, music, museums, hikes, and traveling.