Hunting for Diapers and Wipes in the Time of COVID-19


When the coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis began there was a run on the toilet paper. Then later I noticed that there was going to be a problem getting my regular Amazon delivery of baby wipes. And then I noticed there was going to be a problem getting my regular delivery of diaper pull-ups. I suspect people looking for alternatives to toilet paper turned their eye towards the baby wipes.

Do Not Use Baby Wipes as Toilet Paper

Regardless if you are a parent or not, for the love that is good, do not use baby wipes as toilet paper. Don’t even use flush-able wipes as toilet paper. Same goes for paper towels and paper napkins. These things are disastrous for your pipes and bad for the municipal sewer system. Toilet paper is designed to break apart. According to DC Water, “Wipes, and other TP alternatives, form giant globs that tangle and damage DC Water’s sewer pumps.” If you must use these TP alternatives, throw them in the trash, not the toilet.

The Hunt for Pull-Ups

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program had been a godsend for us as parents. Diapers, pull-ups, wipes, baby laundry detergent, and other supplies came regularly and we never ran out of an essential item. But since the current crisis, our preferred pull-ups and wipes have been missing from our regular monthly order and have required some improvisation. 

The boy’s Pamper’s pull-ups were not available in the month supply box. So I was able to find them, after searching at various times, in smaller quantities. I also decided to take a few leaps of faith and try another brand and type. Once you’ve gone to pull-ups it’s hard to go back to diapers. So that purchase was a bust. We decided to go with a large box of Huggies daytime pull-ups (we were already using Huggies night-time pull-ups) and those will do for now. Junior has complained about the tabs, and I’ve managed to find a solution to that problem.

We usually get a month’s supply of daytime and night-time pull-ups. When Junior’s daycare closed and was home with us, I figured we’d be going through his pull-ups and wipes a little faster. Thankfully, we’re in the process of potty training, so he isn’t going through them as quickly as I feared.

Where to Find Wipes

Like with the diapers, I’ve searched online at various times, and on the odd grocery trip for wipes. Our usual brand of wipes would appear at one moment and when I would go back to it again, it would be out of stock. This was back when I thought our regularly scheduled shipment would come. Once it was clear our 3 month supply of wipes was not coming, I bought a few different brands when they were available. Thankfully, my usual brand became available again, although at a much smaller quantity, and I bought it on sight.

Other Random Tips

As I mentioned, toilet paper has been hard to find. But sometimes I’ve found them in an odd place, like the little neighborhood corner market and the high-end restaurant. And sometimes, I’ve seen a few rolls at the local supermarket, with limits per customer.


Have you noticed other kid-related items that are now harder to find? Do you have any tips about how to deal with shortages? Share your tips in the comments below!