50 Tiny Resolutions For Busy Moms


Ahhh… New Year’s resolutions. By this point, you may be keeping yours or you may have already given up. I have been guilty of making huge, sweeping resolutions. You know the kind: “This is the year I will ___________.” (Write a book, drop 25 pounds, stop complaining…) Um…. no, no and no. Those things did not happen. They didn’t even begin to happen.

Image by Sofia Iivarinen from Pixabay

For me, large resolutions often exist only in thought. I do better when I adopt what I call tiny resolutions—small manageable resolutions, habits really. These can be experiences I have been putting off or things that add to my enjoyment and make me a better person, partner, and parent. Tiny resolutions are those that I can easily incorporate into my daily life.

I create tiny resolutions at the beginning of a new year. And I also add to my list throughout the year. I think that you can resolve to change things anytime, even in February—especially in February. I encourage you to try it now. Start small, get one victory under your belt, remind yourself that you can change, and then move on to something else. Down the road, all these small victories stacked upon each other will feel like a big accomplishment.

Here are 50 eminently achievable tiny resolutions to get you started:

  1. Stand up straight
  2. Wear lipstick
  3. Only drink coffee on the weekend
  4. Wake up 15 minutes earlier
  5. Pray for one person by name each week
  6. Write New Year’s letters to your children
  7. Clean your garage
  8. Pause before purchasing non-essentials
  9. Get a library card
  10. Take a walk every day
  11. Give up soda
  12. Schedule a physical
  13. Try to eat something plant-based with every meal
  14. Meal plan
  15. Check food expiration dates weekly, freeze or use items nearing expiration
  16. Join a moms group that meets in person
  17. Play tourist in your own town
  18. Shred outdated paperwork
  19. Send out your Christmas cards the weekend after Thanksgiving
  20. Try one new wellness experience: massage, cupping, acupuncture
  21. Replace your wire hangers with plastic
  22. Join or start a book club that meets in person
  23. Make a will
  24. Cook one new recipe a month
  25. Find a babysitter, plan a date night
  26. Learn something new: crochet, flower arranging, piano
  27. Deliver a meal to someone in need
  28. Introduce yourself to a neighbor
  29. Read one parenting book
  30. Go see a movie by yourself
  31. Find and listen to a new podcast
  32. Keep a one-sentence journal
  33. Embrace easy family traditions
  34. Invite friends into your home
  35. Use the screentime app to track your phone usage
  36. Take a social media break
  37. Try grocery pick-up or delivery
  38. Window shop and don’t make a purchase
  39. Explore your genealogy
  40. Get a mammogram or other necessary test you’ve been avoiding
  41. Say “yes” for a week
  42. At the next wedding you attend, get up and dance
  43. Plant fresh herbs
  44. Interview someone who inspires you
  45. Camp in your backyard
  46. Update your LinkedIn profile
  47. Pass on outgrown children’s items to a charity or friend
  48. Start composting
  49. Stop gossiping
  50. Consider using coupons and cash to curb spending

What small wins are you planning this year? Share your tiny resolutions with us in the comments below!


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