9 Indoor Activities That Tire Out Energetic and Active Kids


Our household believes in the phrase, “There isn’t bad weather, only bad clothing” when it comes to outdoor play. But some days, between work meetings and endless Zoom calls, we need options to get this kid’s energy out while staying inside. Here are 9 indoor activities that tire out energetic and active kids.

1. Anchor Bolts 

Parents, if you have the ability to put these anchor bolts into a structural beam in your house, do it! We used a stud finder to locate the beams in our ceilings before screwing these in. Best. Quarantine. Purchase. Ever. Each bolt holds more than 500-1000lbs which is more than enough for anyone to use. 

Once these are safely installed, the possibilities are endless. We bought a backyard swing set option which came with a seated swing, climbing ladder, rings, and trapeze bar. These have lasted for hours of fun and can be easily changed out. Easy to change out for a baby swing too, just like at the park!

Now for a mama who misses aerial yoga classes, these anchor bolts were a game-changer. I bought a silk/hammock, watched some videos on how to tie a proper knot, and away I went! As much as I love stretching out, this fabric has also become one of my kid’s favorite places. He swings, he spins, and he loves being all wrapped up inside while reading a book or listening to a podcast. Excellent sensory input while we’re indoors. 


Ok, I know this may seem a little extreme for some or impossible for those in apartments. No worries, you always have doorway options. There are options that mount and can be easily removed without any permanent installation. Check out this option here.

2. Mats

Another essential quarantine purchase was mats. Ikea has great foldable mats that catch every fall and wrestling match. Some others came from online vendors with a little longer delivery times, however just as much fun. Easy to store behind a couch or under a bed when not in use. We’ve combined these mats with some virtual gymnastics classes to really get that energy out!

3. Exercise Games 

You can make your own or buy a set of exercise games that are guaranteed to tire you out. Kids will happily do burpees, jumping jacks, or any other physical movement as long as it’s fun. We love throwing the dice to see what the movement is and how many we will do together. These indoor activities double as a way to work out together as a familiy!

4. Dance Party

Seriously, throw on some party music and your living room is the hottest club in town! Break out some glow sticks or Christmas lights to change it up and dance with lights off. Freeze dance to your favorite jams! Need some new inspiration?

Here is a list of songs we love because they tell us how to move and think creatively:

  •  The Penguin Dance by Pink Fong
  • Animal Action by Pink Fong
  • Baby Shark by Pink Fong
  • Action Song by The Singing Walrus
  • Hip-Hop Tooti Ta by Jack Hartmann
  • We Are The Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner Band
  • Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (or Kids Bop for edited version)
  • Robot Dance by The Pop Ups
  • Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper
  • Play With Me, Sing Along by Patty Shukla
  • S.T.O.P. by Patty Shukla
  • Ziggy Says by Ziggy Marley

5. Rock Walls

While I haven’t installed this one just yet, I know of friends who transformed a whole wall into a climbing zone for their kids and LOVE this idea. Grab some rock climbing holds, plywood, and a drill for endless fun. Check out how this family created a really interesting-looking rock wall. 

6. Masking Tape Obstacle Course 

This idea is fun for all ages! Grab some masking tape (painter’s tape is great too) and turn your house into a unique obstacle course. You can tape up high to create a laser beam course or on the ground to create endless pathways and possibilities! Create many different kinds of indoor activities by using masking tape.

7. Indoor Biking

As much as we love biking together outdoors, there are some days the weather is just a no-go. So we keep riding indoors with a bike trainer stand. Honestly, one of the best purchases for everyone in our family. Easy to switch bikes out and folds up when not in use. Sometimes we ride together watching a favorite movie, other times we ride watching a real bike race to feel like we’re back outdoors!

8. Yoga 

A staple in this house is Cosmic Kids Yoga. Jaime takes kids on magical tales using yoga poses to move from place to place in their imagination. There are tons of themes to try too for hours of fun!

9. Balloon Fun

Blow up some balloons and let the fun begin. You can play Balloon Tennis (or Balloon Volleyball) by high-fiving the balloon back and forth, keeping it off the floor as long as possible. Kids can have a penguin waddle race: place the balloon gently between their knees which they have to keep in place as they waddle across the room. Need some more ideas of ways to change up your balloon play? Check out this fun video for more ideas!

Need even more ideas for indoor activities? There are tons of sites out there with tons of options. Here is one of my favorites because there are even more ideas to expand on the masking tape, obstacle course, or balloon options listed above.

Stay warm and stay active! Have fun together!