3 New (School) Year’s Resolutions


The lazy days of summer are over. Ok “lazy days” is a gross mischaracterization of summer break, it’s really much of the same level of hustle and bustle with higher food and electric bills. But I digress. While summer is busy with camps, filling in child care gaps, planning activities, and trying to prevent your kids from forgetting everything they learned over the school year, somehow the school year seems more daunting.

I decided that this year I would make a list of New (school) Year’s Resolutions, to help with structure and give myself something to shoot for, even if I am barely hanging on a month later. I’m going in with the best of intentions, not unlike my January New Year’s resolution to work out five days per week. And I know resolutions get a bad rap, but there is something about the fresh start of a new year that gives me hope, no matter how lofty the resolutions are.

3 New (School) Year Resolutions

1) Meal plan and grocery shop on Sundays

I don’t know about you, but I spend entirely too much time at the grocery store. Too often I am flying by the seat of my pants, running in the store to grab ingredients to make spaghetti or some other dish I can throw together in under 30 minutes before t-ball or dance practice. This year I want to be more organized, and plan and shop for a weeks worth of meals, to save both time and my sanity.

2) Pack lunches the night before

Packing lunches is not exactly my favorite activity. I can’t be the only one, right? I absolutely cannot wait until my son is in kindergarten and he can eat school lunch. But in the interim, I am going to stop waiting until 5:00 am to pack lunch. And after reviewing Tatiana’s tips for homemade school lunches, I am feeling inspired to step up my bagged lunch bento box game.

3) Stop rescuing my teenager

My daughter is smart, and she works very hard, but she is forgetful. She often forgets permission slips, homework, entire projects, etc. I usually jump in and save the day, but not this year! Typically if she forgets something I run it up to her, or drive her back up to the school so that she can grab something out of her locker. I am a busy working mom and frankly this is added, preventable stress that I don’t need. So this year, I am resolving to let her stand on her own two feet, and let her fall (a little)… sometimes… pray for me y’all!

Armed with my New (School) Year’s resolutions, I am ready for school to start. What about you, do you have any New (school) Year’s resolutions? Please share in the comments.