Why I Loved My Experience At Capital Laser Hair Removal

This post is sponsored by Capital Laser. We hope you enjoy learning about the amazing treatments they offer people.

From the moment I walked in until the moment I left, I felt so comfortable with every step of my first experience at Capital Laser. Sue, the director and most experienced Laser Specialist you will ever meet, went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the actual procedure. She truly wants to educate her clients about how laser hair removal works, every step of the procedure, and how our bodies hair growth cycles work with hair removal. During our consultation, Sue began by explaining the:

4 Important Things to Know about Laser Hair Removal

1. The first is how the laser actually works. The laser weakens the hair follicles by targeting the melanin and darker pigments in the hair follicles. For this reason, the laser works on skin that has been shaved as it is looking for the coloration present on the hair shaft (different than showing up for a waxing appointment).

2. Secondly is how results vary depending on the type of skin tone, hair color, and characteristics of hair the client has. Since the laser is looking for pigmentation, the type of client that has the best results right away is very fair skinned and dark hair body types. She explains how the procedure has changed in the 20+ years she has been working. As technology improved, she combined the technological advances along with her deep knowledge of how skin reacts based on the skin tone, hair color, and body part. With her experience, she can customize the appropriate settings to deliver safe and effective results. She is highly-skilled in evaluating each client to see how she can adjust treatment to give the best possible outcome.

3. The third important thing I learned is why it takes so many sessions to truly see desired results. Body hair has three cycles of growth as well as other known and unknown contributing factors. For example; genes, hormones, and medications. Laser can only target hair follicles that are currently present at the time of appointment. Once a treatment is done, hair will be gone, however, due to the different growth cycles, less hair will reappear in about 4-8 weeks. In addition to our ever active hair growth patterns, the type of hair being removed will need multiple exposures for the full effect. For instance, the hair that grows on our forearms is a very different texture than the hair that grows in our armpits. 

4. Lastly, the most important thing I learned is how much she truly cares about each client’s satisfaction. She takes so much time to answer every question I could think of, which wasn’t much after her thorough explanation. I felt extremely comfortable with the procedure steps, what to expect after my appointment, and even more educated about how our amazing bodies work!

I won’t lie, it was not painless as you might have heard from others. Think of it similar to the type of pain in tweezing/waxing that stings as it’s happening then goes away quickly (and it’s nothing compared to labor, mamas!). The actual procedure takes minutes and the cooling ice that follows makes it all better!

Since I’m writing this soon after visiting Capital Laser I can’t explain the results just yet, but I cannot wait to see what happens in a few weeks and after a few more visits! Thank you so much, Capital Laser, especially Sue, for providing such an amazing experience.