5 Unique Gifts Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything


One thing I’ve found myself struggling with is what to buy the children in my life for their birthdays and holidays. These are kids who already have everything they need and more! They already wear the coolest clothes, play with the coolest toys, and have a million books. Sometimes I remember to ask the parents whether there is anything, in particular, the child wants. Other times I buy something related to the theme of the party, such as a Paw Patrol playset or Tickle Me Elmo. Most times I find myself in Target walking up and down the toy and book aisles trying to find something “cool,” but reminding myself to include the gift receipt in the card. These experiences led me to brainstorm this list of five gifts ideas for the kids who have everything. 

Five Unique Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

1.  Contribution to Kid’s College Fund/529 Plan: This is obviously the least fun, but practical. With the costs of college being out-of-control, every little bit helps, especially with compounding interest. I recommend pairing this with a small gift for the child – anything from 5 Below!

2.  An Experience: There are so many great activities for children in the DC Area! Get the kid in your life tickets to a Nationals, Wizards, or D.C. United Game, passes to BusyBees, a day at the Playseum, or any place or activity you know they would enjoy.

3.  Gift card: Especially effective for tweens and teens, a gift card to their favorite store is always a win! Think GameStop, H&M, Amazon, Xbox, Best Buy, or Target.

4. “Adult Beverage” for Parent: My favorite gifts as a parent for my child have been bottles of Prosecco. Just saying… For those birthday parties that say “no gifts”–this is a great idea! It is celebratory and will certainly be used!

5.  Babysitting for Parents’ Date Night: In my opinion, by far the most valuable gift is offering your services to your friends to watch their kid(s) so they can get out for a date night! Babysitters can be hard to secure and cost $15+ dollars per hour, which may impact the type of date the parents can enjoy. Either they can drop the kiddos off, or you can go to their place with your kids in tow, and plan an epic night of fun while your friends enjoy some much-needed fun together.

Since birthday season is year-round, I hope this unique gift idea list helps you get useful items for birthday parties and holidays! Do you have any other tips? Please share them in the comments below.