Try Smart Snackz Lunch: Tasty Meals for Kids and Free Delivery!

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For many families, getting healthy meals into their kids’ lunch boxes can be a challenge. Just getting the kids fed and dressed in the morning sometimes feels like a herculean task. Who has time to cut fresh fruit and veggies too? And, children’s taste buds and flavor preferences are often different from day to day.  

Smart Snackz Makes Mornings Easier

Still, what we pack for our kid’s lunches is important to help them get through the day with energy and a clear mind and without a sugar high and crash. For families that don’t have a healthy lunch option at school, making lunches each day can drain a parent’s mental energy and time each morning. Smart Snackz is a local company that provides healthy, fresh meals for kids which makes mornings so much easier for the parents. 

Smart Snackz is a meal subscription service that delivers five meals to your home each Sunday for your child’s lunch that week. Their Monday through Friday meals can solve the healthy-meal problem for busy parents. It is easy to keep your morning on track when “making lunch” simply consists of placing the pre-made lunch into the school bag. With Smart Snackz you can actually enjoy breakfast WITH your kids instead of making meals while they are eating breakfast alone.

Furthermore, Smart Snackz uses organic ingredients when they can, meats without antibiotics or hormones, and they include fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, their packaging is plant-based and recyclable and made from earth-friendly materials. Furthermore, the tote bag and the ice packs are returnable and picked up the following Sunday when they deliver the next service. 

Highlight on One Week of Meals with Smart Snackz

Photo provided by Smart Snackz

First of all, Smart Snackz lunches are ready and prepped, so we don’t have to spend our time to plan, buy, and think about lunch (amazing!) so we can focus our energy on enjoying our kids and having a more calm morning. For us, making meals in the morning is a dreaded task, so the fact that we can pop this in their bag and know they are getting a quality meal takes a load off. It also just makes our mornings more pleasant–we have more time to focus on our kids and relationship with them instead of frantically prepping several lunches.

Kids ages 6+ enjoy these ready-to-go meals. Depending on kid’s appetites, some parents choose to compliment the meal with their child’s favorite fruit or a side. Smart Snackz is a nut-free service, and they disclose all the ingredients in the nutrition facts so that parents navigate any particular allergies or preferences. The variety of meals children are exposed to on a weekly basis with Smart Snackz is a great way to form a healthy palate. After healthy, smart meals Monday through Thursday, kids get to enjoy more of a treat on Friday like cinnamon rolls, yogurt and granola, or pancakes. Something fun that kids get excited about with more of a breakfast for lunch type of meal (yum!)! 

The Smart Snackz Meals 

The Smart Snack meals come to your door in a handy (reusable and returnable) cooler tote with an ice pack that keeps your meals fresh until you get home to place them in the refrigerator. The nutrition information can be found both online and printed in the weekly menu found in the tote. Each meal is clearly labeled each day of the week to make lunch packing a breeze! Below are the meals we had for one week, but each week is different! These meals literally help with the burden of making lunch each and every morning. 

Monday’s meal: Philly Cheesesteak Rollup

A classic sandwich converted into a dough roll-up that can be dipped in the light sour cream or organic guacamole. Served with fresh cut apples on the side

Tuesday’s meal: Tri-Color Tortellini

Cheese filled tri-colored tortellini with a hint of olive oil, basil, and parmesan cheese. Enjoy the tortellini with a spinach and tomato salad and low-fat Colby Jack cheese cubes. Lastly, kids can finish their meal with a sugarless, skim milk chocolate pudding dessert. 

Wednesday’s Meal: Smart Chicken Bites

100% antibiotic-free chicken that can be dipped in the sauce provided. Plus a side of peas and carrots and complete the meal with a low-fat strawberry yogurt

Thursday’s Meal: Beef Empanada

Homemade empanada made with lean ground beef, spices, corn, and carrots. Broccoli florets and shredded carrots are the side along with a peach.

Friday’s Meal: Rice Krispy Breakfast

As mentioned earlier, each Friday the meals are more of a treat with a breakfast for lunch type theme typically. This Friday, kids enjoy a tasty and nutritious rice krispy cereal and low-fat yogurt. With a side of crunchy baby carrots and seedless grapes. 

As you can see, each meal is unique with homemade recipes that are easy for kids to love. And EACH week is different to help these young taste buds learn to love different types of foods. You can always see what next week’s meal is too.  All of Smart Snackz packaging is recyclable and easy to handle for little kids. 


Ready to Try Smart Snackz?

Simply go to Smart Snackz website and choose the meal plan that works best for your family.  They prepare, pack, and deliver meals to your home for the week each Sunday. Delivery is always free! Be sure to get your order in by their Tuesday deadline so your child won’t miss their meals the following week. Meals are very reasonably priced for the quality and variety of food you get. Smart Snackz also has options to buy 1, 2, or 3 meals depending on how many children you have. Right now, Smart Snackz has a special deal where you get one FREE week of meals and 25% off the first month (amazing value!). Please head to their site to choose what option is best for your family and remember, delivery is free! Also, these plans are flexible. You can skip a week if you need to or cancel anytime. 

Smart Snackz was formed on the value of helping families conquer the morning time hustle by having meals already prepared. These aren’t store-bought or mass produced meals for our kids. They are a local family providing local meals to kids and are having a great impact. Be sure to read reviews and their story about how they started this business. Also, be sure to follow them on the Smart Snackz blog, Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Pinterest, and Twitter Account