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Growing up I always thought of a driving range as a place where middle-aged men went that was so drab that no other family members wanted to join. Topgolf cured me of that misconception! (51% of Topgolf’s guests are not golfers!) I never imagined that I and all of my family would have so much fun playing golf! And really, the Topgolf experience is nothing like the driving range of old — instead, it is a modern, family-friendly atmosphere with food, drinks, and fun for the whole family. 

First off, the Format

It is a gorgeous location with two covered decks for golfers. Here you can golf in all types of weather! Looking out from the tee, you’ll notice numerous, brightly-colored flags set at different distances. The goal is to shoot as close to each pin (flag) as possible, with more points allotted based on accuracy. Each player has their own designated bucket of golf balls that are marked with a microchip in order to track scores during the game. Topgolf has pioneered this neat technology that has made the game more engaging and fun. After you shoot, you can look to the computer screen in your seating area to see the distance of your shot, how close you came to the pin, and how many points you scored. The computer keeps score in a manner similar bowling which keeps the competitive juices flowing. Of course, families with young kids might not be shooting for the 200 yards pin; no problem because several pins are set close enough for kids to reliably hit. Our oldest (7) loved the game and kept sneaking more shots when we weren’t looking! It is golf, but modernized!


Family Hangout Place

Topgolf has designated areas where groups congregate at a central table while each person takes their turn at the game (similar to a modern-day bowling alley). Topgolf offers an awesome menu of food and drinks to keep the good times rolling throughout the game. This means that while one player is teeing off, the rest of the gang can chat and snack. Most importantly, order the filled donuts! They are delicious, interactive, and you can feel good about eating them since $1 from each order goes to support Make-A-Wish. We also loved their queso and burgers! There were also several little games for smaller kids near our seats; the giant connect four kept our youngest occupied while the older ones were taking turns perfecting their swing.  Putt-putt is an option to play here too. It is adorable and our children did not want to leave. 

I have to admit that neither I nor my husband are “golfers.” So we were hesitant that we would be able to offer meaningful tips to our kids to help them enjoy the outing. This is another area where Topgolf really excels. Enter, Zac, one of the resident golf pros who came by to give our kids (and us) tips on proper form and mechanics. This really made a huge difference in our confidence level as we played through the game. 

Summer Playdate at Topgolf Alexandria: July 31 from 9-11 am 

Our DC Area Moms Blog Playdate at Topgolf will be a sneak peek into their Summer Academy for ages 6-12. Topgolf’s Summer Academy in Alexandria is five days of non-stop entertainment and learning that kids will love. The playdate participants will receive golf instruction, do group stretches, and participate in team building exercises. Drop your child off and run an errand or hang out and enjoy the morning at Topgolf.

Topgolf’s Summer Academy (it’s not too late to sign up!)

The Summer Academy is Monday-Friday from 9 am to noon and lunch is included! At the Academy, kids will learn all of the components that make up a great game of golf. From chipping, putting and full swing, to the rules and etiquette. Kids will learn everything they need to know to improve their game. Each Academy is designed and taught by their Golf Teaching Professionals in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Summer Academy is staffed with a low student-to-instructor ratio (1:4) to ensure each Junior Golfer receives in-depth, hands-on attention while he or she develops a winning golf swing. Registration in the Academy includes a lifetime membership card, Topgolf Summer Academy t-shirt, Junior golf glove, water bottle, cinch backpack, surprise gift, and a certificate of completion.  

Grab your Tickets to the Playdate HERE (just $5 for kids age 6-12)! After the instruction, each child gets a free game of golf (bucket of balls) and a swag bag to take home. Come to join the fun and tell your friends!

PS- Topgolf is coming to National Harbor Spring 2019! This is going to be a top of the line venue for fun!

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