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2021 has been a year to remember! The pandemic is still in full swing and we hope you and your family have been healthy. Through all of it, each one of us have been making the most of it while working, parenting, connecting with others, and enjoying our vibrant area. Take a look at our top 10 articles from 2021. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store! We truly care about bringing you top notch content that is useful for you and your family and makes your life a little easier!

Here are our most read articles for 2021. We are grateful for each one of our amazing contributors and how they uniquely provide relevant content for fellow families. Thank you for being a part of our site and community! Take a look down memory lane at what our readers have enjoyed reading!

Our Top 10 Articles for 2021

10. Why I Enjoy Raising My Daughter in DC

“A few weeks ago, my 8-year-old daughter told me that she loved the “town” we lived in and I asked her why.  She said it was because of the nice people who set up the swings for children in our neighborhood, who care about others, and who help–in addition to the great things she could do.  It turned out her reasons were not too far off from mine.” Christina Ho

9. The Best Sunflower Farms, Fields, and Festivals in the DC Area

“What could be more glorious for an end to summer than some time spent picking — or even just admiring — sunflowers? The DC area has plenty of locations for seeing sunflowers from late summer to early autumn, in fields planted on public lands (no cutting allowed!), at pick-your-own farms and at all-out festivals of the giant golden blooms.” Becky Bowman

8. My School DC Common Lottery: A First Timer’s Guide

“Had I known the facts and tips below before taking on the DC school lottery, I am confident that I would have had (at a less a slightly) less hectic few months fretting about it. Take a few deep breaths, educate yourself, and try not to stress too much about the DC school lottery.” Angelle Smith Baugh

7. Where to Get Your Kids’ Flu Shot (Fast)

“Getting your kids their flu vaccine this year could save a life! Why? becauase “this year, experts fear that the reopening of schools, decreased adherence to pandemic precautions, and surging delta variant infections could create a double whammy: a very serious flu and COVID-19-season” according to NPR.” Katherine

6. Give the Gift of Experiences: Gifts That Are Not “Stuff”

“Grandparents might already be asking what gifts to get the grandkids. Of course, family (especially grandparents) love to give gifts but do our kids need more stuff (toys, clothes, etc.)? Instead of more stuff, why not ask for the gift of experiences?” Jackie Malkes (originally authored by Kristin Beheler)

5. 5 Movie Theater Rental Options to Safely Take Kids to the Movies

“The combination of needing to fill seats and a hesitancy to sit with strangers has created a wonderful opportunity: inexpensive theater rentals. Locally, you can rent an entire theater for as low as $100, which depending on your family size, may be almost as much as you normally spend on a night at the movies.” Rachel Schwartz

4. Top Apple Picking Orchards in the DC Area

“There are a plethora of beautiful orchards to choose from not far from the city. Do you have a favorite apple picking orchard in the DC area?” Chelsea Blanks

3. Summer Bucket List: 21 Cheap or Free Adventures with Kids in 2021

“Start planning your summer adventures with this list of 21 fun, socially distant, free or cheap activities to put on your DC summer bucket list!” Allison Winter 

2. Where to get Photos with Santa

“There are many different ways to see Santa, from traditional photo opportunities to in-person special events reimagined with social distancing and mask-wearing. Check out the options below to help you decide how your family will get a photo with Santa this year.” Tirzah Weiskotten

1. Breast Pump Review: Elvie v. Spectra S2

“I soon learned that in the four years since having my first, wearable, silent and portable breast pumps had entered the market. What exactly did this mean? It meant that a cordless, hands-free and fit-in-your-bra pump would untether me from the wall and give me ultimate freedom while pumping.” Chaia Morgan

We love our articles and our team of dynamic writers! We also want to give a shout out to our top Guides and Resources which are also audience favorites! Here are some of our most read guides and resources on our website!

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We are also grateful to have hosted two amazing events this year! BLOOM: An Event for New & Expecting Families and Deck the Walls: A Wreath Making Event. We are thankful for our participants and partners who made these such a success!

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