5 SAHM Hacks to Help Keep Your Sanity


Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM) is a blessing, and I’m glad I’m able to do it. That said, it’s also at times difficult and lonely. So what do you do if you are a SAHM and needing a boost? How do you stay sane on the rough days that feel so long? These are my SAHM hacks that help me on rough days and weeks…

1. Attend a Weekly Mom Meet Up

Seeing other moms weekly is absolutely necessary. Find a weekly meet up, or make up your own. If you are a SAHM, I would recommend starting here – this is the most vital SAHM hack. It’s important to have time with other moms who are going through similar things. It might feel awkward or intimidating, but when you meet a mom ask for her number. 

2. Rotate Weekend Mornings with your Spouse

An old boss suggested this months ago, and I wish I implemented it earlier. I take Saturdays mornings off, and my husband then will take some time Sunday morning. Previously we were mostly all together all weekend long sharing parenting duties. This has been good for everyone all around. 

3. Find a Gym Membership with Childcare

This allows me to get me time and my son gets socialization and practice being away from me. Working out makes me feel energized and reduces stress. Just stretching or walking the treadmill can be so helpful – don’t get intimated by the gym and think you have to go overboard. Most gyms have classes which are another great place to start.

4. Plan for Your Worst Day

I’ve noticed that Monday is the toughest day of the week for me. It seems the quietest because my husband has gone back to work, and all weekend I’ve had him around to help and talk to. The worst day of the week might be different for you – maybe its Friday, at the end of the week when you are exhausted, or maybe you have a day that demands a lot of coordination and running around and it’s a mess. 

Whatever day of the week tends to be your most difficult, try to work in something uplifting. It could be getting coffee out, or having a regular phone date. Write quotes down that help you feel grounded, and have them accessible that day to revisit. Switch it up on your craziest, longest, hardest day so you have something to look forward to.

5. Be Nice to a Stranger

I’ve found that when I’m feeling lonely within my day and disconnected, being outwardly nice to someone I meet while I’m out and about helps me feel better. It can be as simple as genuinely asking a cashier you encounter how their day is going. Often we might do this, but robotically and without any genuine interest. Sometimes you may get an uninterested response back, but often I’ve found people appreciate the effort and feel seen. And in turn, that makes me feel a little less alone. 

There are many great things about being a SAHM – and taking care of myself and implementing these actions helps me to appreciate the good and not get clogged down with the difficulty of it. 

What do things do you do as a SAHM to get through your week? 



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