Sitcoms for Moms: Six Binge-Worthy TV Shows That Laugh at Motherhood


I love watching TV. I find it relaxing and probably even more importantly, distracting. It makes my chores more fun and provides some good bonding/cuddle time with my family. It is also my only “me time” at the end of a long day. I certainly don’t watch as many TV shows as I used to (or would like to). Because of that, I have to be pickier now with my TV time. However, I love to know what shows are coming out and what everyone is watching.

Sometimes TV is a great way to escape my real world, but sometimes I want a show to get me. I want to laugh at that inside joke that you only really get from having similar experiences. At this point in my life, a lot of those experiences are about being a Mom. Therefore, I have come up with the top sitcoms for Moms that really get us (please note, this list is not ranked, it is alphabetical order):

American Housewife (ABC)

Already in its fourth season, American Housewife follows Katie Otto (Katy Mixon), a wife and mother, who moves her family to the very wealthy and pretentious Westport, Connecticut to take advantage of the amazing public school education. (I think some people in the DMV can relate to this). Katie’s husband is a University Professor and she is a Stay at Home Mom, and they do not have the financial resources of the rest of Westport. They live with their three children in a modest home in a world of mansions and drive a minivan in a world of luxury cars. Katie is a force and doesn’t mind being different than the other moms, but the show chronicles her struggle with raising kids to be down to earth good people in a place where money dictates everything.

I’m Sorry (TruTV)

In I’m Sorry, wife/mother/comedy writer Andrea (Andrea Savage) navigates the most awkward situations of parenthood. These are the kinds of things that happen to all of us, but we rarely talk about them. These awkward situations sometimes turn cringe-worthy (in a funny way) as Andrea’s comedy writer side makes jokes out of everyday scenarios. Please note that this show is more explicit than your standard network sitcom. Seasons one and two can be watched on Netflix and the show was just renewed for a third season.

Mom (CBS)

Of the shows I am recommending, I personally relate to Mom the least. However, I appreciate its focus on working on relationships. The central message is forgiving and being forgiven for who you were and accepted for the person you are working to become. The show follows Christy (Anna Faris), and her mom, Bonnie (Allison Janney), recovering addicts with a strained relationship. Now in its seventh season (and still going strong), the show has evolved a lot (originally there was more of a focus on Christy as a mom), but for anyone who has their demons (and who doesn’t?), this show is full of hope and laughs.

Single Parents (ABC)

Single Parents capitalizes on the idea that “it takes a village.” The show focuses on five single parents who are mostly connected by having kids in the same grade in the same school. They lean on each other for childcare, support, and advice while trying to find the balance between being a devoted only parent and having a life. These parents learn that being a single parent does not mean having to parent alone and that being a parent does not have to be their entire identity.

The Letdown (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Netflix)

An Australian sitcom, this show may be the least widely known on the list. The Letdown follows new mom (or mum in this case), Audrey (Alison Bell) who struggles to adjust to motherhood. She finds herself in a new parent support group full of characters. Together, they navigate the exhaustion, change in relationships with partners, parents, and single friends, struggles at work and everything else that changes when someone has her (or his) first baby.

Workin’ Moms (CBC Television)

New parent support groups must be a great source for comedic material because Workin’ Moms follows four women in a new parent support group as they figure out how to balance their careers and relationships with motherhood and find themselves in the process. This show is funny. But it also deals with serious issues like postpartum depression and not wanting motherhood to be a priority. Seasons one through three are on Netflix. Season four is currently airing on CBC Television and the Netflix release date should be announced soon.

Check out this list of mom-related TV shows we’re loving right now. What TV shows are you watching lately? Share your favorites in the comments below.