Raised Real is Easy Peasy {Plus Free Upcoming Event & Coupon Code!}

This post is sponsored by Raised Real, but the commentary is genuine and completely my own.

Raised Real is a new box subscription service for healthy single-serve meals for babies and toddlers. I just tried my first ever box of Raised Real Foods for our 21-month-old and I love it! I easily ordered my box online and was given a delivery window for the package. Once the package arrived, I got a text saying it was at my door. Thanks, technology! It comes perfectly organized and packaged frozen. When I opened my box, I was amazed. First by all the diverse and pre-packaged food, but second because of all the time and mental energy I knew this would save me. Below are my insights from my first Raised Real Box.

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Delicious Meals for Baby

My Raised Real box came with five varieties of toddler or baby food (that could be pureed) in 20 individual packs. Raised Real gives you simple stove-top directions (which I love since we do not have a microwave). Cooking was a breeze and exciting.  Ok, I am going to be honest, when I was cooking the food for the first time, I thought to myself “would it be weird if I ate this baby food?” because it looked and smelled so good! And confession, yes, yes I did eat some of the baby food and it was delicious!  Oh, and my toddler agreed too. He gobbled it all up!
Also, I love the diverse recipes like beet, sweet potato, date, cinnamon, and coconut butter or broccoli, green beans, chickpeas, flax seeds, and avocado oil. Yum! Honestly, I fall into the same trap of offering the same plain broccoli, peas, and carrots to our son. Raised Real has helped me introduce a variety of interesting foods and flavors without me figuring out how to cook beets and use cardamom. All of Raised Real’s food is organically-sourced, flash-frozen, and created by a nutritionist. It not only tastes good, but I KNOW it is real and nutritious for my tiny human. If I were making our youngest something from scratch, sadly it wouldn’t be this healthy or with such a variety! 

Freed Up Mental Space

I love the meals for baby food, but even more, I love the TIME I got back through using these meals. I know it will be satisfying and healthy, so my mental energy isn’t focused on those essentials. Then I think about time going to the grocery store or even picking items out online for grocery delivery (which we rarely do), time spent researching a recipe and time spent actually making the recipe (oh and the time spent going back to the store because I forgot an ingredient). All of that time is now back in my court. All because I have this delicious healthy pre-packaged meal for my toddler that is delivered to my door when I want. Yes! 

So now instead of going to the grocery store and putting a hodgepodge of veggies, fruit, etc. together for my toddler, with Raised Real, he is getting a warm, healthy meal that actually tastes good! During meals with Raised Real, because of our son’s age, I also give him fruit and perhaps some other items, but I am confident that for even younger kids this would be even more satisfying.  

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Peace of Mind {and Coupon Code!}

I want to note there is ease of ordering online, the simplicity of the text messages when the food has arrived, and the ease to make a meal for our youngest. Furthermore, I am glad that I have these meals in our freezer for other people to feed our toddler. When my mom came to visit a few weeks ago, she easily made him a meal while I was away with no fuss at all. So this is helpful not only to the parents, but to any caregivers involved! 
Raised Real, in my opinion, is a big step forward for baby food. Busy parents want their kids to eat quality meals, but don’t always have the time or resources to do so. Raised Real solves this dilemma easily. If you are thinking about getting a box of Raised Real, simply try it out and use code DCMOMS25 for $25 off your order!
Photo provided by Raised Real

{Raised Real Free Event for Families}

We are proud to have partnered with Raised Real and Motherly to offer The Baby Food Bar on Saturday, September 29th from 12 to 2 pm at the Logan Exchange at 1509 16TH ST. NW. This is a FREE event for families that you won’t want to miss. There will be complimentary food and drinks, activities and play areas for the kids, and adult conversations. Please join us and easily register here so we can know who to expect. We would love to meet you and your tiny human(s) (seriously)! Be sure to stay up to date with #2018BabyLife and @RaisedReal on Instagram or Facebook
Oh and in a few weeks, DC Area Moms Blog will be offering a giveaway with Raised Real, so please make sure you have subscribed and are following us on social media!
PS- Invite your friends too!!
Have you tried Raised Real yet?  
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