Pickled Chicken Tenders Recipe


Chicken tenders are a guarantee hit on my family table. Everybody loves them and you can pair it with pretty much anything you want. We love the breaded version and I have been playing with the recipe for a little while. My mother-in-law usually preps the chicken with egg wash, vinegar, garlic and parsley, then marinates in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. This turns out great, but unless I’m being super organized I usually forget this important prep step. 

In my effort to reduce food waste, I have started to use things that I would previously toss. One of the things I rarely used was pickle juice. We go through a lot of pickles in our house and really never thought of saving its juice. Other than to rehydrate, I had no idea what else to use it for. One day I did not have time to prep the chicken. I looked in the refrigerator and saw the pickle juice of an almost empty jar. I got the chicken, placed it in a glass container and then added all the juice from the jar, spices included. It sat on the refrigerator for about thirty minutes until I was ready to make dinner. Then I breaded and cooked as I usually do. The end result was very juicy tenders full of flavor. So here goes an easy recipe that I hope is at popular at your table as it is in mine. 

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