Packing Tips for Travel with Kids


Let’s be serious…traveling with your kids is not a vacation, it’s a trip and it often requires a lot of preparation, organization, and packing! Whether you are traveling with or without kids, these packing tips will help you prepare and ensure you don’t forget anything.

Packing Central

My first packing tip is to find a location away from where your kids can get into things, that you can set up shop. This spot is where you can start stashing items that you plan to pack. I often choose our guest room – my kids don’t usually go in there, I can shut the door (and even lock it) so everything is out of sight, and it becomes my staging area with suitcases, Ziploc bags (more to come on this) and other items I plan to pack.

Packing Tip - Make a ListMake a List and Check it Twice

I actually suggest making a list for each person that you are packing for. Make the list ahead of time and add items to it as you think of things. Once items are in the suitcase, I go through and check off all packed items. 

Zip it up

Ziploc bags are your friend – quart, gallon and 2-gallon! Group like items separately: underwear, shorts, shirts, pajamas, etc. Then put them in the appropriate size bag, squeeze the remaining air out and zip shut. Not only does this keep things organized in the suitcase, but it actually makes unpacking a breeze.Packing Tip - Use Ziploc Bags and a Trash Bag

First Aid Kit

That’s right pack a first aid kit! Include band-aids, Neosporin, anti-itch cream, thermometer, Motrin/Tylenol for kids and adults, Benadryl, tums and anything else you think may come in handy. It only took one vacation where a couple of my kids got sick in the middle of the night where I realized I need to come prepared.

Trash Bag

A tall kitchen trash bags can make for the perfect dirty laundry bag. Whether you are staying somewhere with a washer and dryer or in a hotel, a trash bag is a perfect way to keep dirty clothes together. Store them in there until you wash, or pull the drawstring and pack in your suitcase to take home.

Packing Tip - Barouk & Co Travel Cord RollCords, cords, cords…

A lot of devices means a lot of charging cords. I love this Brouk & Co travel cord roll. It holds all of my cords and base plugs and then rolls up to easily toss into a suitcase or carry on. 

Post-it NotesPacking Tip - Post It Note

The night before I leave for a trip, I write down the items that I need to pack just before leaving on a post-it note and stick it to the door that I leave from. I also leave a post-it note and a pen next to my bed so if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can quickly scribble down that last minute item that I don’t want to forget.

All of these travel preparation and packing tips should make your next trip…I mean vacation…a breeze! 

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