New Years Resolutions that Clean Up our Lives


Right now there is a lot of hype about New Year’s Resolutions. We all say we want to eat better, exercise more, lose a few pounds, yell less to our kids, keep our house cleaner, be on time, the list goes on. Maybe those are some of mine, but you get the idea.  Some of the top New Years Resolutions I hear are: eating healthier, drinking more water and cleaning up our home and personal care and cleaning products.  

Simple and Easy New Years Resolution Hacks for the Busiest Moms

  • Creating good habits with eating healthy and exercise is hard. Be sure to check out Chef Ebeth Johnson— a local DC Mom who has some amazing healthy eating tips and recipes to keep you and your family on track to eating right and staying healthy. Weelicious is a chef who has wonderful ideas and posts on Instagram
  • Drinking more water seems daunting, but is doable! A helpful hack is to buy a bottle with time markers.  It will actually hold you accountable to your daily water intake. And, it’s glass and reusable, which is green!
  • To get more exercise, try walking instead of driving your kids to school or for quick errands! Or try parking 15 minutes away from your destination, so you get a little more walking in. 
  • When it comes to our laundry cleaning products, I had to learn the hard way that I needed to make a change.   About 5 years ago I learned that I have an autoimmune disease which is a form of alopecia and on top of that I am allergic to perfumes and dyes that are found in many products. It took many doctors appointments to discover all this! I was told by my dermatologist I needed to clean up my personal care products and look at the labels on my cleaning/home products as well. I swapped my old laundry detergent to free and clear (after doing lots of research) and I got rid of my dryer sheets and replaced them with Molly’s Suds dryer balls.  Additionally, home cleaning products I love are Puracy and Norwex. They offer many options from fabric cloths to all-purpose cleaners and from personal care items to dishwasher pods. 
  • Cleaning up personal care products are very important too. We use (and I sell) Beautycounter. Which is a company that has eliminated over 1,500 questionable ingredients in its products while also advocating for more regulation in the personal care products industry!

Environmental Working Group as a Household Resource

Environmental Working Group is an amazing resource when looking for the best products that are environmentally safe! EWG has a great app that can rate your products when you are at the store or shopping online. You literally scan an item and can immediately review its rating. Being a Mom of 3 young girls, I do not want my girls to be worried about their health and future. I hope one day they do not have to read all these labels like we do today. Luckily, there are many safe products on the market or you can make them yourself at home! And with the help of the EWG App, you can find the best products for you and your family.  

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