New Year, New Life Resolutions


Eat healthy, drink more water, exercise more, drink less… Do these sound like your New Year’s Resolutions? I have decided instead of New Year’s Resolutions I am going to shoot for All Year Resolutions. These resolutions will be things that I can actually continue to do year-round and forever!

new years resolutions

I know I can stick to most of my New Year’s Resolutions but some are a lot harder to stick to than others.

So, my All Year Resolution that I know I can stick to is simple: SMILE more! I am not sure I smile enough. I know I am very happy, but I continue to get frustrated with my kids, our dog, traffic, weather, my husband, you name it. And I surely do not want my kids to see that all the time. I want them to see me at my happiest self whenever possible. And while I do not want to put on a show, I want my three girls to know it is very easy to smile as much as you can. I am challenging them to smile more as well. I am a big runner and I like it when other runners say hello—it feels good. So, why not keep smiling at strangers? When they smile or say hello back it is a great feeling.

My youngest daughter loves to yell out the car window and say hello to people on the street. And she gets extremely excited when people either smile, wave, or say hi back. Clearly, as her Mom, I get a little excited for her as well! So, go out there and try it. Pick something that is easy to do and see if you can challenge yourself. I am determined to smile more each and every day.

Side note, I know these last couple of years have been tough! However, it is  important it is for our kids to see us happy and smiling amidst such crazy uncertain times. They are our future and we all need to believe and have hope in our future.

I am still trying to think of what my next easy All Year Resolution will be. What is yours? Share it in the comments below!