Movies to Watch to Take Your Mind Off the News


The news is tough to watch, especially these days. It’s important to be informed, but at a certain point, it all becomes too much. To escape, I am a fan of movies—always have been. I put my favorites on in the background when I’m doing chores or even when I’m falling asleep. So, here are some movies to watch to take your mind off the news.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

1. Mr. Mom (1983) This movie may be more than 35 years old, but it holds up. Aside from, you know, the fact that it’s based on the premise that staying home with the kids is a mom’s job. These days, we need a laugh… and Michael Keaton will make you do just that. Can we just go ahead and make him a national treasure alongside Tom Hanks?

2. Three Men and a Baby (1987) Another oldie, but a goodie. Three single guys are thrown into parenthood and trying to figure it all out. Also, I have always loved the sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady. Fun fact: Leonard Nimoy a.k.a. “Spock” directed the first movie.

3. Look Who’s Talking (1989) The idea of giving kids actual voices, adult voices, when they can’t quite talk yet is smart and funny. It was then and it is now. I actually watch any of the 3 “Look Who’s” movies whenever they are on tv. Fun fact: Amy Heckerling wrote the first 2 films. Amy went on to later write Clueless. That was way harsh, Tai.

4. This Is 40 (2012) This movie is just so good. It’s real and it’s good. What happens between the main couple may hit home a little too realistically for you, but it’s done in a very funny way. I love the scene where Leslie Mann’s character is jealous of Megan Fox’s boobs and says “my kids just sucked the meat right out of mine.”

5. Tully (2018) A friend recommended I watch this and she was right. Charlize Theron is basically a goddess in real life, but in Tully she plays a very real, postpartum mom. She’s exhausted, stressed out, and cries over spilled breast milk. So, her brother suggests she hire a night nanny. She does, but it’s not a simple as that. This story is told in a wonderfully creative way. You will laugh and your eyes will be opened.

6. Becoming (2020) Want to get up close to Michelle Obama? Then be sure to watch this documentary, which takes you on the journey of her sold-out book tour of Becoming. It is a great, inspirational show to watch.

7. Soul Food (1995) This movie is good for your soul. It takes you into the life of a boy growing up in Chicago with his family. As with most families and movies, there is a lot that the family has to work through by banding together.

Bonus Recommendations

Two other movies to take your mind off the news that I have in mind have to do with divorce. If you are a child of divorce, or a parent dealing with divorce, I would recommend:

Bye Bye, Love (1995) This movie went by me when it was in theaters. I remember watching it at home, with my dad, and it really hit home. My parents divorced when I was young and I remember thinking how accurate this film was about life after divorce. It is a comedy though, so there may not be many tears. BUT, if you want to cry, you can!

Stepmom (1998) Get out the tissues. This movie is a classic, so if you haven’t seen it, and you need a good cry, watch it tonight! Susan Sarandon’s and Julia Roberts’ characters collide into each other’s lives and neither is really happy about it. It’s true to life and heartfelt. movies to watch

Do you have a favorite movie to watch that helps you take your mind off of things? Comment below with movies you watch to take your mind off the news. And if you need more reasons to laugh, check out these 6 binge-worthy TV shows that laugh at motherhood.