Girls Trips for Moms with Destination Recommendations


Girls trips need to happen. Every 3-4 months I would say. Now, if you’re a mom, getting away is difficult. For me, it’s the guilt I feel from my husband. Whether or not he says anything, I feel it. Me being away means him flying the parent plane solo. While our son is amazing, he also amazingly never stops moving. He will make you laugh, but he will also leave you wondering how, by his 7:00 p.m. bedtime, you can barely muster the energy to Netflix and chill.

Guilt or not, I need girls trips. As moms, we do so much…and our feelings often end up taking a backseat to work, laundry, playdates, grocery shopping, packing lunches, cleaning, laundry- oh, did I mention that one already? It just feels like I’m constantly doing laundry.

Make Time for Weekend Girls’ Trips

Last week, I had a mini meltdown, but the thing that helped the most was knowing I had a girls weekend coming up.

Now, by “weekend” I mean that I’ll be gone for about 30 hours, but something is better than nothing. I’ll be home by Sunday afternoon to relieve my husband and get ready for the week. Now…would I rather stay longer? Of course, but I really do try and be as fair as I can with my husband. Do I like that I have to take him into consideration when planning a trip? I mean, no…I don’t, but that’s marriage and parenting.

I love that walk from the airport gate onto the plane. I love the smell. To me, it always elicits excitement because it means I’m going somewhere. I’ve gotten on a lot of planes in my life. So, I thought I’d break down some of my favorite places I’ve flown to, for the mom who needs to get away…even if just for a long weekend.

1. Nashville, TN

Straight out the gate I’m starting with my #1 favorite girls trip destination. Nashville is a city of live music and happy people. I recall stepping off the plane and being surprised to see live music being played right there in the airport. Hit the Broadway District with your girls and walk in and out and in and out of the bars…chances are, each one will have live music that’s spilling out onto the street. During the day, I once did a walking food tour with my girls, which is a great way to see and taste the city. Take a tour of the Grande Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. And don’t leave without getting something to eat at the famous The Loveless Cafe – unlike the Broadway District, you have to drive to the cafe, but it’s worth it.

2. Las Vegas, NV

I love Vegas. I’m a Vegas person. I was married there, but I’ve also been there on girls trips. Contrary to popular belief, Vegas is not solely about drinking and gambling. There are a million shows to go to and a plethora of amazing restaurants. I saw Jennifer Lopez in Vegas. I was stone-cold sober and it was incredible. Before the show, we ate at Beauty & Essex at The Cosmopolitan. They are both great, and if you have the chance, check out the Beauty & Essex in New York City because you walk through a pawn shop to get to the restaurant and it’s the coolest thing ever. But, back to Vegas, I was there this summer for a bachelorette party and it was a blast. No matter how silly you may think it is, go to a show like Thunder from Down Under. I promise you, you will laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before with your girls. The great thing about Vegas, too, is that it’s not all party party party. Likely, the day will involve you and your girls sitting by the pool, relaxing, and having plenty of time to catch up. Bonus: no kids around to fight you over sunscreen applications.

3. Savannah, GA

I can’t emphasize this enough: if you’ve never been to Savannah…go! This sweet, charming southern city is cobblestone roads, cute shops and horse-drawn carriages. Walk up and down River Street for bars, restaurants and shopping. Definitely do a ghost tour of this “haunted” city and eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant The Lady & Sons – it’s famous for a reason. Years ago, I went here on a girls trip for St. Patrick’s Day. You would not think it, but Savannah has one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the entire country.

4. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Now, I know this one’s a little random, but, being from Buffalo, I have often heard of this place that’s only about an hour away from Buffalo, and I FINALLY got there myself this past Fall. This is the perfect girls trip destination for the girls who don’t want to go out and go clubbin’. This town is all about nice Canadians (well, they are), cute shops, good restaurants and…wine tasting! My girls and I spent an entire weekend shopping, eating, wine tasting, catching up and doing facials– hey, I said it was a girls trip. Do not leave without getting some authentic Italian food at Pieza Pizzeria – the best antipasto I’ve ever had in my life.

The bottom line with girls trips is, you want to go to a great place, but also, you want to have time to catch up with your mom friends who you rarely get to sit down and actually talk to. So, whether it’s having dinner at hotspot in Las Vegas, or just sitting in your room applying skincare products, take time away from being a be a friend. Because that’s what you were way before late-night girl chats..became late-night feedings.