Fuel your Soccer Star {Plus Two Giveaways}

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Post-game smiles

Where can you find our family on most Saturday mornings of the year? The soccer field!  Our oldest has been playing soccer since he was three — those games were notable for the lack of any actual soccer being played. Instead, the kids played tag, chased butterflies, danced, and asked for snacks. Basically, they acted like three-year-olds while a soccer ball bounced nearby. Now, our seven-year-old’s games are fast-moving and competitive while our four-year old’s games remind us of how cute the beginning phases of a sport can be!  Four years in, soccer has become a cherished Saturday ritual. 

Soccer Kids


Our kids look forward to soccer as an opportunity to play with their school friends and we love the opportunity to catch up with other parents since our teams are broken up by schools. And, we have also seen that soccer is a sort of lingua franca that will allow our kids to make friends wherever they go in life. We look forward to our Saturdays of cheering on the kids while sharing stories with other parents and planning playdates. Soccer has deepened and expanded our community here in DC!  

Soccer has also turned out to be a great backdrop to see the growth of our kids. They have learned how to master new skills, how to share (although passing is still a work in progress!), and how to exhibit good sportsmanship. I love to see the joy on their faces after scoring a goal or to see them help a friend back to their feet after getting knocked down.

Honestly, getting out of the house for soccer games can be hectic, but once I am there, I (and a lot of other parents) seem to give a sigh of relief that “we made it!”   

Soccer Fuel

Fuel for the game

But about getting there… Soccer mornings (or most mornings for that matter) are a mad dash. We collect cleats, soccer balls, shin guards, water bottles, find uniforms, apply sunscreen and bug spray, and, of course, pack snacks! Our kids know that soccer mornings are cereal mornings because it helps get us out of the door on time. They make a bowl for themselves and we pour some dry cereal into baggies as sideline snacks. I also love the nutrients found in our favorite Post Cereals like Honey Bunches of Oats®, Great Grains®, and Grape Nuts ® (I love this with yogurt). Furthermore, each soccer semester, parents create a snack schedule for our team. We make a simple google doc and each family takes a week to participate. It is way easier than just bringing one snack for your kid. Snacks run the gamut, but we try our best to have healthful options. Cereal snacks fit the bill — they are simple, fast, and can be fun to make with kids. Post has some great recipes here

{Wait, there’s a giveaway!}

This June, limited edition Major League Soccer (MLS) cereal boxes can be found in grocery stores across the country. These boxes feature Topps ® MLS player trading card cut-outs. Join me Wednesday, June 20 at 11:30 am EST for a Facebook Live. I will be showcasing this awesome Soccer Mom Survival Kit courtesy of Post Consumer Brands. Two lucky mamas will win this kit which will solidify your soccer mom status. Be sure to tune into our FB live to find out how to enter.

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