Lessons From A Momma-razzi: Make Photo Albums with Tweed Wolf

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My smartphone runneth over with pictures of my twins.  This begs the question: What in the world should we do with all of those photos taking up precious storage space on our phones?  Make photo albums! I am a big fan of photo albums and scrapbooks.  But, there simply do not seem to be enough hours in the day for me to make photo albums.  Enter Tweed Wolf.

[quote]Did your kid just turn three and you realized you never made a baby book?  No problem. Send Tweed Wolf all of your baby photos and they will skillfully curate an album for you.  It genuinely is hassle-free.[/quote]

Tweed Wolf is my savior for managing the copious amount of baby photos that I take.  Every few months I essentially do a data dump of all my photos to Tweed Wolf, and the Tweed Wolf team transforms them into beautiful photo albums that my family will treasure for decades.  Whether you are a meticulous organizer who culls and folders digital photos on a regular basis or (like me) someone who needs all the help you can get with this sort of thing, I simply cannot recommend Tweed Wolf enough.

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What is Tweed Wolf?

In a nutshell, Tweed Wolf is a premium photo album company.  You send a team of designers your photos, give them any instructions you would like, and – presto – they make your album.  Not satisfied? No problem, just tell them what you want to fix and they will. It is included in the price.

Tweed Wolf has a team of designers that cull, edit, and layout your photos in a custom album that tells your story.  You can be hands-on and do some of the culling yourself – emphasizing pictures you would like to be prominently displayed, removing duds, and giving instructions to Tweed Wolf on what you want to achieve with the album.  Or, you can be completely hands- off. You can submit hundreds, even thousands, of photos to Tweed Wolf and let the expert designers work their magic.  Want to send all photos on your phone from 2017 and let the Tweed Wolf team work their magic?  They can do that.

Tweed Wolf Photo Album Series

After the Tweed Wolf team designs your album, you get an unlimited number of revisions.  I can be embarrassingly nitpicky about things like this, but I typically only request one round of revisions.  I have never done more than two.  The reason?  The Tweed Wolf team is on point. Simply put, I am a fan.

Make A Series

Whether every three months, six months, or once a year—pick an interval for how frequently you would like to make an album.  This is what I have done and been genuinely THRILLED with the result.

For every Tweed Wolf book, I give the design team the ability to choose the photos and give instructions that I would like the album to be in chronological order, feature both of my kiddos equally, and have both kids be in the cover photo.  Over time, it seems the designers have gotten to know my family through our albums and know exactly how we would like to preserve our memories.

Stack of Tweed Wolf Photo Albums

This Sounds Great, But Is It Worth the Price?

I know what you are thinking.  Tweed Wolf sounds great, but other services like Shutterfly and Mixbook are more affordable.  If you have 30 photos to turn into an album, Tweed Wolf likely is not for you. If you have put 300 photos into a Shutterfly album and been satisfied after hitting autofill, then Tweed Wolf may not be worth it to you.  However, if you have hundreds of photos and do not even know where to begin, then Tweed Wolf is for you. If you simply do not have the time or patience to make a photo album, then Tweed Wolf is for you. If you would like a skilled designer to make judgments about which photos and layouts to use, then Tweed Wolf is for you.

[box]Pro Tip: Do you use Tinybeans to share photos of your kids with close family members have friends?  Then have Tinybeans and Tweed Wolf work together for you. Tinybeans premium users can export all of their photos at one time – and send them directly to Tweed Wolf.  When Tweed Wolf starts culling your photos, they will be working from photos that you have already curated – and putting the best of the best into an album for you.[/box]

Don’t Forget About Grandma!

Get a reprint of your Tweed Wolf album for grandma. Once you finalize your Tweed Wolf album, you can print additional copies of it – even years later – for a fraction of the cost.  Reprints are a great sentimental, and affordable, gift for the grandma that has everything, but could always use more pictures to show off her grandbabies. Any time my mom comes to visit, looking at our latest (and older) Tweed Wolf albums is high on her to do list at our house.  Tweed Wolf photo albums also make a great Father’s Day, Graduation Gift, or birthday gift!

Be sure to use code DCMOMS for $50 off your order!

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