6 Ways to Create a Special Mother’s Day at Home


It’s Mother’s Day and we are all stuck in a situation where everyday feels the same as we stay home hunkered down and suffer from cabin fever. Mother’s Day is a challenge because it’s a day when we want to make mom feel special. We want the day to feel different, even though we still have to stay home. Here are some ideas to make the day seem unlike any other.

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Here are some ideas to make this Mother’s Day extra special: 

1. Breakfast in Bed

In our family, we have a tradition where we gather the whole family in our bed and share a fruit salad. I sleep in a bit and my husband cuts up fresh fruit like oranges, bananas, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, and mango. He puts it all in a large bowl and has a fork for each of us. My mom did this with us when I was a child and it is one of my favorite memories. We felt special because we were all eating breakfast in her bed (once a year!) and we were enjoying the morning with her in this special activity. We felt like we were serving her and it felt good! One note, feel free to put down a towel (food will get dropped!) and have a napkin for each person. We use cloth napkins daily—it feels special and is good for the environment! That may be a nice idea for a Mother’s Day gift if you don’t already have some. 

2. Serve lunch with kids as the servers and have them decorate the “menu.”

This idea was all my husband’s and I am here for it. This is another way to that kid’s can feel like they are participating in Mother’s Day in an important way. They get a job and kid’s love to have a job that they feel ownership over. Some ideas for roles kids can have are bringing flowers, writing or drawing a “menu” which can simply be a folded sheet of paper with what options are for lunch. Options like water or tea, salad or roasted vegetables, etc. It is wonderful to let mom not have to think about what is served for lunch or dinner. You can ask her in advance about what she may be in the mood for or you may already know what she loves. If you plan to cook, try to do the prep work the day before to cut down on cooking time the day of Mother’s Day at home. 

3. Flowers Ideas

Mother’s Day = Flowers. Gorgeous bouquets from a local florist is a great way to support local businesses. However purchasing them at a grocery store is great too—just make sure you put them in a vase. Trim the ends of the flowers and put flowers in the vase one at a time. Alternatively, have kids be the florist and create the bouquet as an activity. Another idea is to go on a flower hunt—walk, bike, hike, or drive around to hunt for flowers to look at as a family. Or create flowers with these doable flowers crafts with step by step directions. 

4. Make a homemade card.

Moms love cards from their kids and partner. Cards are a MUST. It is the one day a year where family members can go out of their way to show mommy how much they love them and appreciate all they do. Cards can be as simple as a folded piece of paper with a traced hand of a child and kind words. Or it can be more elaborate with an original poem, artwork, or family photos. Whatever you do, just make sure you give mom a card—and don’t forget to date it so you can look back on it in awe. The kids can really get into making a card for mommy too (usually each kid wants to make their own card). Of course, you can always purchase a card from a store too, but involving kids in the process is a must. For added flare to go along with the card, you could always, recite a poem, sing a song, learn a dance, have the kids give Mom a mini massage, it’s your time to get creative and love on Mom!

5. Treat Mom to her favorite meal for lunch or dinner.

Treating Mom to her favorite meal is a great way to let her know you are thinking of her needs and that you love her and know what meals she likes. When is the last time she had her favorite sushi, her cheesecake from the special restaurant, or her speciality coffee from the local coffee shop? Use your budget for Mother’s Day on a special meal which also helps support small businesses during this time. 

6. Spa Time for Mom at Home

Need we say more? Give mom a little alone time to read, think, pray, sip a glass of wine in peace. Think candles, sugar scrub, bubble bath … Order or shop for items now! Or maybe Mom needs some time to do her own manicure or pedicure since nail salons are closed. Offer her this special self-care time on Mother’s Day. She will likely take you up on it and be so rejuvenated and grateful!

We hope you enjoy some of these ideas. What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day at home ideas or memories? Do share! 

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