Essi Bossiade: Mom of the Month [February 2022]


The Washington, DC area is full of amazing moms: working moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms, moms of multiples, foster moms, adoptive moms, etc. We want to highlight some of those moms like Essi Bossaide! Each month we will feature one special mom as the mom of the month. Know a fellow amazing local mom here? Nominate them here!

Meet our Feburary Mom of the Month: Essi Bossaide

Essi Bossaide is a mother, stepmother, financial planner, and children’s author!  Essi serves as the CEO & Founder of Bright Future Srategies, a Corporate Financial Education company that develops customized financial training plans and programs adapted to a company’s specific needs for its employees financial literacy. Her focus is all financial goals, financial freedom, financial education, and financial independence.

Essi grew up in a big family compound surrounded by a lot of happiness and good times, Essi grew up an eternal optimistic seeing good in everything. She is a nature lover, loves to read and write. Jazz and 1980’s old school music are always her go to.  With two children away in school and one still at home, Essi and her husband consider themselves semi-empty nesters.  She and her husband enjoy couples date nights with friends.

Essi Moms the kings daughterHere is our Q & A with Essi:

1. What are the joys and struggles with having a semi-empty nest?

Parenthood is the most wonderful and amazing experience a woman will have but it can often also be exhausting and challenging sometimes. But, when children grow and leave home to start growing into their own person and doing amazing things that make you happy and proud. Don’t be surprised when you miss seeing them every day and catch yourself feeling sad as the house becomes quieter. This is when a new chapter in life starts.

2. What tips do you have or resources you use to master adult financial literacy?

The great thing about learning is you are never too old to learn. When it comes to adult financial literacy, I strongly suggest reading financial books. Educate yourself. If you work for a company that has a retirement plan and you are not participating, you should start immediately. There are plenty of resources out there for anyone that wants to gain knowledge. Is important to know and learn about ways to save money no matter what your income is. I suggest doing your financial check-ups twice per year. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about how/options to save money. Of course, feel free to email me at [email protected]

3. What message are you trying to convey with your book “Momo, The King’s Daughter”?

I wrote Momo The King’s Daughter based on stories told to me by my mother. I love storytelling and believe it brings and keeps family together. The purpose of this book is to not only tell about a culture but also, to open a conversation/interaction between parent and child about family, love and, of course, to tell their own family story.

I strongly believe when you expose your children to different culture(s) early in their lives, they grow up not afraid of others and develop empathy for all.

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