Darci Lynne & Friends Fresh Out of the Box Tour in DC

This post is sponsored by Darci Lynne. Grab your tickets to her upcoming show at DAR Constitution Hall on October 20th at 3 pm!
8/21/18 3:49:12 PM
Darci Lynne Farmer, Ventriloquist
Tara Staton, Hair and Makeup
Sophie Paolino, Isabelle Paolino Assistant.
©†Todd Rosenberg Photography 2018
Singer/ventriloquist Darci Lynne, Season 12 winner of “America’s Got Talent,” is bringing her Fresh Out of The Box tour to DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. On Sunday, October 20th at 3 pm.
Winning NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” at just 12-years old by the most votes for a final performance in the history of the show, singer/ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer impresses audiences across the country with her sweetheart disposition and undeniable, show-stopping talent beyond her years. Accompanied by her musical friends including a divaesque rabbit: Petunia, a shy and soulful mouse: Oscar and a sarcastic old woman: Edna, singing through her friends helped the young entertainer find a voice inside she didn’t know she had, and helped her overcome a lifelong struggle with shyness. 

An Oklahoma native, Darci began participating in talent-based pageants at a young age, and picked up ventriloquism shortly after. Two weeks later, Darci began tackling talent shows, eventually making it to the biggest talent show on television, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” 

Following her big win, she has been featured on NBC’s “Little Big Shots,” Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship,” “Ellen” and “TODAY.” Her first Christmas special “Darci Lynne: My Hometown Christmas” will air on NBC this December. Darci and her friends are continually on the road bringing smiles to audiences across the country.  Grab your tickets for Darci Lynne’s Fresh Out of the Box Tour at DAR Constitution Hall on Sunday, October 20 3PM. Tickets starting at $27.75. (1776 D St NW, Washington, DC 20006) 

Darci Lynne for the Win!

Just incase you were living under a rock during season 12 of America’s Got Talent, let me catch you up. Darci Lynne first came on stage with her diva rabbit friend, Petunia. After chatting with the judges, she continued her humorous banter with Petunia. At just 12-years old, Darci was able to hold a gorgeous smile while using her ventriloquist talents to have a full conversation.

But when Petunia began to sing, everything stopped. The audience was shocked to hear the voice coming out of that little puppet… um, I mean, girl. Behind that gorgeous smile was the soul of a long-time experienced singer. It didn’t take long for Mel B to decide she was Golden Buzzer worthy!

At her next performance, she brought her shyer mouse friend, Oscar, to help sing a different song in a completely different voice than Petunia. Once again, we were amazed to see her charisma as much as we were to hear her voice. Her smile never waivered as the mouse (I mean, Darcy…) belted every note.

I remember getting chills during the finale of AGT.  Watching her seamlessly switch between two characters voices and personalities was unbelievable. Her ventriloquist talent was almost as amazing as her singing talent. What Darci can do with her mouth closed is more than most people can do with it open!

There was no surprise when America crowned her the winner later that night. Since her win, Darci has been sharing her voice and her talent around the country with her nationwide tour.

When I re-watched the finale episode again recently, I remembered one of the most rewarding parts of seeing Darci perform. It wasn’t just me being inspired sitting on my couch, there were tons of videos of kids everywhere trying a new art form. Grabbing their stuffed animals and puppets, kids of all ages were exploring ventriloquism while gaining confidence in performing. That was enough to make this mama tear up.

My son and I cannot wait to see Darci live and in person very soon! As much as he loves giving voices and personalities to his stuffed animals too, he is just as memorized as me when Darci starts to sing. I can’t wait to see what he will come home and try after seeing her in person!

Get your tickets to see Darci Lynne, Petunia, Oscar, and more friends live on Sunday, October 20that 3 pm in the DAR Constitution Theater. Your little ones and their stuffed animals will thank you!