Courtney’s Family Life: A Photo Essay Series


This Spring we got family photos taken with Bridget Eldridge Photography. We had a fun morning and Bridget was there to capture it all. I am so grateful to look back at these photos and see how much has changed since we took these! 

I was about 34 weeks pregnant with our little baby girl (now we know her as Antoinette). Solomon was still wearing diapers–he is now potty trained (during the day). And my two older kiddos, Cormac and Evangeline, have moved up a grade in school. Also, I got a haircut! 

Even though a lot has changed a lot has remained the same. We all like to pile around and read together. I wish there was more time in the day to do this! 

We also love to chat over meals. One thing we try to do each day is share our rose, thorn, and bud for the day. The rose is something good about the day, the thorn is something that didn’t go well during the day, and the bud is something to look forward to about tomorrow. They generally love sharing about this. Recently, we have tried to start a family devotional by Sally Clarkson. It is going, but we get lots of exciting distractions with spills, needing more food, being exhausted in general. But I love having meals together! It is one of my favorite parts of the day. Oh, another thing that hasn’t changed is us having random stuff on the table. Where does it come from?!

I love being active with my kids playing on the ground. I look at this picture and realize I haven’t had any of the kids “fly” on my legs since giving birth to Antoinette. This picture reminds me of fun times that are still to be had! 

Here is the man who keeps our family going and keeps us on time! Seeing Sean play his guitar reminds me of when I first met him and thought he was the neatest and most interesting guy (I still think this!). We have been married for 14 years and I can’t imagine my life without him. Marriage isn’t always easy, especially with four kiddos, but it is wonderful, hard work! 

Also, please note that Cormac wore his helmet for a lot of the time Bridget was here. Safety First!

Boo Boos in our home are still a daily thing. It makes me sad when they hurt themselves, but I love the snuggles that they seem to need afterwards. 

We made a bouquet of flowers just because. We do this fairly often and I love arranging flowers with all of the kids. I think it is an art! 


Outside for some fresh morning air. And snuggles from my big girl!

As I mentioned, a lot has changed since these photos were taken. Kisses and hugs for the new baby that is now on the outside hasn’t changed. All of the kids love and dote on Antoinette. It is really sweet! I am so glad I can look back at these pictures fondly and see just how fortunate we are to have our family. Thank you for capturing these, Bridget!

We hope you enjoy this photo essay series peeking into the lives of a few of our contributors. Photos for this series are by Bridget Eldridge Photography. Bridget specializes in capturing moments that show the love in the chaos, the humor in the frustrating, and the magic of the mundane. She is on a mission to celebrate moms by getting them in the frame and show them the amazing job they do everyday. To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Courtney was born and raised in Louisiana where she met her husband (married in 2005). Since then they have moved several times, but finally feel very settled in NW DC after moving back a little over two years ago. She has four energetic kids: Cormac (2010), Evangeline (2013), and Solomon (2016), and Antoinette (2019). She thinks motherhood is absolutely wonderful, but she is constantly challenged and stretched in ways she couldn't have imagined. She spends her days talking Star Wars, legos, playing dress-up, and chasing her toddler. We all know motherhood is challenging so she wanted to band together with other mothers to start this site to inspire, learn, and grow together. She loves morning coffee, chocolate, chatting with people since she's an extrovert, a clean house (which is rare these days). She dislikes when her kids don't listen the first time, she abhors littering, and doesn't enjoy shopping.