3 Reasons to Read the DC Area Moms Blog in 2020


Whether you’re a mom who’s brand new to the Washington, DC area or a seasoned Metrobus rider who’s had addresses in all four quadrants, the DC Area Moms Blog is the best go-to resource to connect with a community of kind, nurturing, and smart women who also happen to be mothers. The blog features articles written by a diverse group of women who are at various stages in their motherhood journey. And the best part is that they are all writing with the same end-goal in mind: to help connect moms in the area by sharing ideas and knowledge, thereby also fostering healthy relationships with each other. 

When Courtney Whittington founded the DC Area Moms Blog, she wanted to bring moms together so that they felt less isolated. “So many moms move here or become moms without knowing fellow moms,” Courtney says. “We live in an isolationist time and our growing community is here to help combat that.” 

The DC Area Moms Blog is a resource that moms can use not only to know what’s going on in the area but also to learn about what moms in the area are talking and thinking about. “I value our site’s contributors tremendously and think they provide relevant content for moms in our area,” says Courtney. “I appreciate that we have many voices represented on our site that it is all found in one collective place.”

Here are a few reasons why I’m excited to follow the DC Area Moms Blog in 2020:


With so much to explore and enjoy in the Washington, DC area, it can be overwhelming to decide how to spend time with your children. Thankfully, the DC Area Moms Blog contributors compile many different types of guides so that you can spend more time having fun with your children instead of wasting time trying to find those opportunities yourself. By sharing knowledge of these events, the DC Area Moms Blog encourages us all to build community. In other words, by knowing about family-friendly events in the area, you may be able to meet families who have similar interests and children close in age with your own.

The DC Area Moms Blog publishes a brand new events guide every month. The guide is a comprehensive list of events and experiences in the area and includes ideas for a variety of age groups and interests. And—since this is Washington, DC—many of the events are free. Usually, I’ll check out the guide when it’s published and add all of the events I’m interested in on our family’s calendar. I’ll revisit the guide if the weekend is approaching and we somehow have free time. I love that it also gives me an idea of new places to bring my children even if I can’t make an event that month. Check out this month’s guide, which features events like Nationals Winterfest and the MLK Holiday DC Peace Walk & Parade.

The blog also features other guides as well. Check out the DC Area Neighborhood Guides and the brand new “Know Before You Go” series, which provides insightful tips on visiting the Smithsonian museums with your children. And check back around the holidays for guides on where to see Santa, light displays, and more.

Other Useful Guides


One reason I started following the DC Area Moms Blog was to learn more about the My School DC common lottery for my toddler who was coming of age for the preK-3 program. The blog published several articles on the topic, and it was wonderful to read about the different experiences and perspectives from a few moms on the topic. Local content like this really sets the DC Area Moms Blog apart from other parenting websites, as it really puts the focus on moms sharing information with other moms about local topics of interest and issues.  

Along those lines, the DC Area Moms Blog strives to be a voice for all moms in the Washington, DC area. Each contributor brings a different perspective, and the articles that share personal experiences and cultural traditions especially reveal the benefits of learning about each other in order to build a community of strong mothers raising culturally-aware kids. Recently, the blog featured articles on seeing color and bullying; both topics are difficult but important conversations to have. By publishing articles on these topics, the DC Area Moms Blog encourages moms to start conversations that further kindness and understanding in the community.

Speaking of community, the DC Area Moms Blog launched neighborhood guides and will continue to publish more in 2020. Check these guides for information about what’s going on for families in each DC neighborhood. You can also join a DC Area Moms Blog Community and Conversation Groups on Facebook. These groups were created so that moms can learn about each other and grow in building their communities. “These are meant to connect moms in various neighborhoods in and around the city,” says Courtney. “Stay tuned for more with our neighborhood groups!”

Join Your Neighborhood Group on Facebook

Washington, DC
NW DC Moms Community & Conversation
NE DC Moms Community & Conversation
Capitol Hill/SE/SW DC Moms Community & Conversation

Silver Spring/Takoma Park, MD Moms Community & Conversation (this included Hyattsville, College Park, Laurel, MD too!)
Bethesda/Chevy Chase/Potomac, MD Moms Community & Conversation (this includes N. Bethesda & N. Potomac, MD too!)
Rockville/Wheaton/Gaithersburg/Germantown, MD Moms Community & Conversation

Alexandria, VA Moms Community & Conversation
Arlington & Falls Church, VA Moms Community & Conversation
Fairfax, VA Moms Community & Conversation

We love Dads too!
DC Area Dads Community & Conversation

Special Events and Giveaways!

“We are taking steps to help form a community. One of the ways we try to bring moms together is through our events,” says Courtney. “We want to help bring moms together face to face and simply take a break and have fun!” The DC Area Moms Blog has held a few special events at local restaurants and shops to get moms together. Join us for a special event this year to unwind from the chaos of your day and to meet other moms in the area. 
The DC Area Moms Blog also promotes special giveaways on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that support local experiences, businesses, and products as well. “Stay tuned for new events, deeper community connections, and focusing on families in our area,” says Courtney. “Of course, we love giveaways, excellent resources for parents and hyperlocal tips for moms in our area. Check back often and always feel free to reach out. We love hearing from people!” Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter, which comes out once a week!
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Tirzah is a digital project manager and has two adorable little boys. She moved to DC in 2000 to attend The Catholic University of America—and to get away from the cold weather that plagues her home state, Maine. Before becoming a mom, Tirzah played kickball, volunteered for the Smithsonian, and was a ball girl for the Nationals. Now that she's a mom, she explores DC in new ways by checking out library storytimes and museum playrooms and going on the occasional hike with her husband and sons. Likes: traveling, crafting, The Bachelor. Dislikes: unread emails, chores, black jelly beans