The Best Sleep Consultants to Help You (Finally!) Get Some Rest

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We’ve all been there – that feeling of hopelessness in the middle of the night when, once again, baby is awake. It may be time look into sleep consultants to help you and your baby sleep. Whether you’re a new mom just getting her feet wet or a seasoned one dealing with sleep issues your older children never had, a sleep consultant can be the key to helping you, your baby, and your entire family the sleep that you need.

Here’s a list of our favorite local sleep consultants:


Lauren Engler is a certified pediatric sleep consultant who helps families of newborns, babies, toddlers, and school-aged children. When working one-on-one with families, Lauren personalizes a sleep plan to help parents and children approach sleep with both confidence and independence.

While working together, Lauren is in close touch with families to provide support and encouragement, to answer questions, to make sure the child is progressing, and to make any necessary changes.


Annika Brindley is a DC-based sleep consultant for infants, toddlers and adults and the founder of Little Sleepers. Across 20 years, she has successfully coached more than 1,000 children to sleep.

Annika’s personalized, gentle approach to creating healthy sleep habits works to make sleep a reality for every child and family. Visit Little Sleepers to read Annika’s success stories and learn how she can give your family the gift of sleep.


Uma, the founder of Little Pumpkin Sleep Solutions, is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She strongly believes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and every baby is very unique with their own personality and needs to be approached individually.

Services (ages 0-4 years):
Personalized holistic sleep training plans and support
Troubleshooting phone consultations
Free weekly baby sleep Q&A on Instagram

Start your journey to a well-rested baby and family with the free discovery call.

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