10 Instagram Accounts Worth Following


Ah, social media. Like so many adults, I have a total love-hate relationship with this aspect of technology. I acknowledge what an incredible time-suck it can be. The endless (and often mindless) scrolling can feel mind-numbing sometimes. It also can take away from our ability to be present with our families.

But over the years I have tried to be more mindful in the time I spend consuming social media. Sure, the snarky mom memes are good for a laugh, but I am so grateful to have found quality parenting help from some really amazing social media accounts. Below are my top 10 Instagram accounts worth following!

My Favorite Nutrition & Health Instagram Accounts

  1. @TakingCaraBabies Have questions about baby and toddler sleep? Look no further than baby sleep expert Cara. A pediatric nurse and mom of 4, Cara has truly wonderful advice regarding sleep. She has also developed classes you can purchase to help with sleep at various specific stages in a young child’s life.
  2. @FeedingLittles This handle is run by two women. One is a dietician and one an OT feeding therapist. Learn how to use baby-led weaning and how to prevent picky eating in older kids through their tips. Their site is an amazing resource and encouragement to parents no matter what kind of eater their child is!
  3. @Kids.Eat.In.Color Food and nutrition expert Jennifer gives wonderful advice on getting picky eaters to try new foods and “eat the rainbow.” She also offers a course for parents.

Best Instagram Accounts for Enrichment & Developmental Activities

  1. @BusyToddler Susie will feel like your very own mom-BFF once you start following her. BusyToddler offers a wealth of easy but engaging activities for your little ones. You’ll also appreciate Susie’s down-to-earth mentality and honesty as she shares her tips and tricks in real life. Also worth noting, she is a former early educator and has created a comprehensive play-based preschool curriculum for moms (or dads) looking to do homeschool preschool.
  2. @TheDadLab London-based dad Sergei runs STEM-focused @TheDadLab. Give this phenomenal social media account a follow if you are looking to incorporate fun experiments into your home play!
  3. @SchoolathomeandBeyond Local mom of two Marketa shares her Montessori-inspired strategies used in her children’s homeschooling. Bonus: see where she and her kids go for field trips in the DMV area!
  4. @CanDoKiddo Occupational therapist Rachel’s Instagram page is chock-full of strategies to promote children’s development. You’ll appreciate her approach to seamlessly fit these strategies into your daily life.
  5. @HereWeeRead If you’re looking to diversify your child’s library (shouldn’t we all?!), give Charnaie a follow for some truly wonderful recommendations. I’ve been so grateful for her book suggestions!
  6. @WeeTalkers Give Carly at @WeeTalkers a follow for support with early literacy. As a speech-language pathologist and mother, Carly shares wonderful tips and approaches to healthy language development.
  7. @ReadAloudRevival Sarah Mackenzie at ReadAloudRevival is a true sweetheart. Take part in one of her reading challenges, listen to her podcast, and get wonderful book recommendations from this ultimate bibliophile. With suggestions and tips for babies through teens, there’s something for every mama on her page.

What Instagram accounts do you find helpful to follow as a parent?

Share your favorites in the comments. Also, follow @DCMoms on Instagram to see what moms are doing in the DMV!