10 Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day


What does Mom want for Mother’s Day? Likely, the answer is simple: a happy family. But if you’re scrambling for a gift idea, here are a few suggestions that may put a smile on Mom’s face—and on yours!

1. For the mom who loves to sleep but never has the chance

… give her five more minutes alone in bed! It’s low-effort, but sometimes those extra minutes really help! Take this idea to the next level with a cozy set of new PJs and breakfast in bed.

2. For the mom who loves coffee

… make her a personalized coffee mug! Order through a site like Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Zazzle and create a gift that she’ll use every day. Don’t forget to consider whether she may want a mug to keep at home or a travel mug to take with her everywhere (and I mean everywhere!). A low-effort version of this idea is a design your own travel mug which you can pick up at a dollar store. You can print out photos at home and swap them out whenever you want—or have the kids draw Mom a picture to decorate the mug instead. Don’t forget to include a gift card to her favorite coffee shop!

3. For the mom who is always interrupted by the kids in the bathroom

… give her a few hours to spend at her favorite salon. Sometimes it’s just really hard to pamper yourself at home, especially when your hands are always moving—hugging kids, cleaning, cooking, working, etc. A gift card for a mani/pedi may just be what the mom in your life needs right now. A low-effort version of this is to pick up some fun-looking lotions, body scrubs, face masks, etc. and give her some time to herself to relax—while you keep the kids out of the bathroom!

4. For the mom who hasn’t treated herself in awhile

… give her something fun to brighten up her favorite way to relax. Maybe it’s a bundle of new dish towels, soap, and a candle to cheer up the kitchen while she bakes. Or maybe it’s a new throw pillow, blanket, and book for when she curls up on the couch to read. Or maybe it’s a set of new activewear to sport at the gym. Think about how Mom enjoys spending time to relax and amp up that experience with a few new treats.

5. For the mom who lives in the moment

… capture the moment and present her with a framed photo collage! Moms often take photos of their kids, but how often does someone take photos of moms playing with their kids? Plan a fun experience for the family—be it outside in your own backyard, at a National Park, or in a fun neighborhood you haven’t been to yet—and photograph Mom with her kids. Make sure to process the photos quickly and present the gift soon after. This is truly a gift she will love!

6. For the mom who loves scrolling through social media

… post a fun video created from photos taken that year and show her—and the world—just how special she really is. This is a fun way to surprise Mom, if you’re able to keep the project a secret!

7. For the mom who cooks dinner all the time

… turn the tables and cook for her yourself or take her out for dinner. A low-effort version of this is heating up leftovers, LOL. Either way, give her a night off and make sure to do the dishes! And if it’s not Mom who usually cooks, adjust this idea to take on something Mom does do every day. This will show her how much you appreciate the things she does daily and give her a break!

8. For the mom who loves wearing jewelry

… get her a special piece that celebrates the year. If you’re on a budget, a low-effort version of this is to get some of her favorite jewelry cleaned, because who has time for that? This would be a welcome Mother’s Day surprise for anyone who has jewelry they already love but have stopped wearing since it’s lost its sparkle!

9. For the sentimental mom

… have your children write her a sweet poem or card for Mother’s Day, have them draw a picture of your family, or write down their favorite things about mom. Better yet, trace their hand or paint and hand stamp your child’s hand on a card (they don’t stay little forever!). Homemade cards can be a so sweet and a beautiful piece of art!

10. For the mom who has it all

… flowers. You really cannot go wrong with flowers. In fact, you can boost all of these gift ideas with a bouquet of flowers.

Share your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas in the comments below!