A Love Letter to Black Fathers on Father’s Day


Dear black man, dear black dad,

I want to let you know that even though at the present moment you may not feel it, you truly are appreciated and you are loved. When you look into the eyes of your child, I hope you can see the love so that it pushes out the hate. I want you to know that the women in your life are rooting for you. We want to see you succeed and reach your wildest dreams. Your life forever matters and your life is important. You are valued and to your children, there is no one that can take your place.

I hope that you stand tall knowing the world needs you. Knowing the world wouldn’t be the same without you. You give more light to this world than you could ever imagine. You are not a threat, you are not scary. And, you are not less than anyone. I cannot say it enough, you matter! I know today, just going for a walk, a run, a trip to the grocery store or even to fast food restaurant can make you feel uncertain. We worry every day when you leave the house and each day when you walk through the door it warms our hearts.

You see to us and to many more you’re a very important individual. You hold a place in our hearts that only a dad can. Dear black man, dear black dad, we know what has been going on lately can make you feel blue. However we want you to know, today we celebrate you and all of your greatness. We will hug you a little tighter today and celebrate you a little more.

Dear black man, dear black dad, this is my love letter to you this Father’s Day. Today and forever.