Top Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Washington, DC Area


Valentine’s Day can be triggering to so many different moms. Several moms might have loving relationships with their partners, some moms may feel disconnected from their partners for whatever reason, other moms may feel isolated without that partner to share the parent workload and joyous experience of raising children. Here are a few great ideas that Moms in the Washington, DC Area can do to celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day, regardless of where they are in their motherhood journey.

Ideas for the couple that needs time away:

  1. Look for opportunities to laugh & do more in a light hearted setting: get outside and hike the Billy Goat Trail, walk or bike along the Capital Crescent Trail,  go Ice Skating at the Georgetown Washington Harbour, Sculpture Garden or Wharf.  Explore the waterfront of Alexandria.  Grab coffee and a baked good at Baked and Wired. Walk the canal towpath in Georgetown and gaze at the homes along the canal.Valentine’s Day Ideas in Washington DC
  2. Get away and head to the Salamander Resort or Red Fox Inn Tavern in Middleburg. Check out the local boutiques, relax at Salamander Resorts heated pool and enjoy their spa. (45 mins away)
  3. Check out the Washingtonian’s 100 Best Restaurants and try a new restaurant for dinner!
  4. Visit a local winery (e.g., Bull Run Winery or Sugarloaf Winery).

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the mom feeling isolated:

  1. Ask a mom friend to grab brunch.  Go ahead and do it.  Do you remember the last time you enjoyed brunch away from your children?  You probably don’t.  Every mom loves a mom friend and mom conversation. 
  2. Take a flower arranging class. Learn something new Helen’s Olivia Flowers, She Loves Me or an artist workshop at AR Workshop, Painted Palettes or Revery Paper Flowers.  Ask a mom friend to join you.
  3. Treat Yourself to self-care.  If there’s no one special to buy you a heart-filled candy, then get yourself the kind of treats you’ve always wanted on Valentine’s Day. Take extra time in your beauty and fitness regimen. Purchase the flowers you love, spend the day at the bookstore, or just participate in an activity that brings you peace, joy, and makes you happy.
  4. Stay off of social media.  No matter the situation, social media can be triggering. Exposing yourself to others’ photos and posts about love and relationships might bring you down. Consider deleting these apps temporarily so that you can focus on yourself. 

What do you plan to do for Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments!