Quick Guide to Berry Picking in the DC Area


We love spending an afternoon picking blueberries, blackberries, and/or raspberries during the summer months.  The kids have a blast berry picking and I love that it helps teach them about where their food comes from. Blackberry picking is in full swing right now, as well as blueberries.  Most of the raspberries are all gone, but there is always next year!  There are a few great places within 1-hour car ride of downtown DC (listed from closest to farthest).

Produce availability is based on several weather factors.  It is highly recommended that you always check the farm’s website or even call before heading out. The phone numbers are listed below for your convenience.  Also, please note that most farms do not allow pets.


  1. Homestead Farm, Poolesville, MD

A short drive through Potomac, MD, Homestead Farms has beautiful blackberry hedges, blueberry bushes, and peach trees.

Cost: There is a $3 per person deposit collection upon entry (under 2 is free).  This deposit is then applied towards your total upon check out.

Container: You are welcome to bring your own container, and containers are available for purchase.

Phone: 301-977-3761

  1. Butler’s Orchard, Germantown, MD

A quick drive up 270. They offer several items to pick in addition to summer berries.

Cost: $3 per person (under 2 is free), plus the price per pound of produce.  Wednesdays are free admission!

Container: You are welcome to bring your own container, and containers are available for purchase.

Phone: 301-428-0444

  1. Larriland Farm, Woodbine, MD

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Western Howard County near I-70.  Larriland Farm strategically places parking lots near all crops (including berries!) to make for easy access. Enjoy a picnic on the farm by the pond!

Cost: Price varies

Container: Provided for all adults.  Kids are encouraged to share the container with the adult or they can bring their own.

Phone: 301-854-6110

  1. Green Truck Farm, Markham, VA

Right off 66 West at Exit 18 a few minutes past Manassas. In addition to plenty of berries, Green Truck Farm offers beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Cost: $4.25/ pint for berries

Container: You are welcome to bring your own container, but containers are also provided.

Phone: 540-316-7715

  1. Hollins Farms, Delaplane, VA

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains right next to Sky Meadows State Park.  Pick raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries while enjoying the scenic views.  Hollins Farms also has a great selection of other u-pick items.  What kid wouldn’t want to dig for their own potatoes?

Cost: $5/ pint for berries

Container: You are welcome to bring your own container, but it is highly recommended to use the containers provided.

Phone: 540-592-3574

  1. Marker-Miller Orchards, Winchester, VA

Beautiful, huge farm worth the hours drive from Fairfax. Don’t forget to check out the five-acre peach orchard after picking berries!

Cost: $4.25 /quart for berries

Container: It is required to use the containers provided. You may not bring your own.

Phone: 540-662-1391


TIP: Don’t forget to check out apple trees and pumpkin patch offers at these farms.  Fall is right around the corner!

Are there any favorite farms you love to go to? If so, please leave them in the comments!

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