Petworth DC Neighborhood Guide


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What is your favorite thing about raising kids in Petworth?

I love Petworth because it feels like a small town! But yet, it’s close enough to the urban delights the rest of the city offers. And it’s near an awesome, huge forest! We run into friends and neighbors and schoolmates all the time. If we are in need of unplanned social fun, we can head to the park, the pizza place, the farmers market, or the library and be sure to find a group of folks to hang with, strangers or friends.

As my kids are getting older, they can visit neighbors or even convenient stores on their own, without crossing major streets. They join up with friends on summer evenings to catch fireflies in the connected front yards or do scooter and biking fun in the wide, clean alleys, as parents enjoy drinks together on porches or back yards.  We can walk or bike to everything, or hop on a bus or metro for further exploring.  When we want to leave town and head to the beach or mountains, Rock Creek Parkway is there to make our escape easier.  We are so close to Rock Creek Park, which is one of the gems of this city, in any season.


What makes Petworth family-friendly and unique?

The abundance of residential areas and minimal commercial areas make Petworth so family-friendly.  Yes, there is the Georgia Ave. business district running through our center and the newer local shops at Upshur and 9th.  But beyond that, it is mostly homes, parks, and neighborhood centers.  This strong residential concentration makes it feel VERY much like a family neighborhood.  Plus, there are so many pregnant ladies and kids! And all sorts of family diversity! One thing that makes Petworth unique is that some of our local businesses are in fact owned by Petworth neighbors!

What community events or local attractions are in Petworth?

Petworth has a lot of notable events including the Petworth Community Market, Petworth Jazz Project, Celebrate Petworth, Petworth Arts Collective events like Art Fair, First Fridays, and Dia de Los Muertos. The Friends of Soldier’s Home hosts events like Fall Fest, Fourth of July, and Spring Fling. Lincoln’s Cottage hosts events like Family Day, Freedom 5K, and Bluegrass and Bourbon. There are also local school and church events like Powell Carnival and the Strawberry Festival. The Petworth Library hosts events honoring Emancipation Day, Juneteeth, LGTB Pride, Dia de Los Ninos, among many others, and neighborhood annual gatherings like Grant Circle Monthly Socials, Sherman Circle Halloween Parade, and Taylor Street Block Party.
Our local attractions are Lincoln’s Cottage, Armed Forces Retirement Home (Old Soldiers’ Home), DC’s first Futsal Soccer Court, Upshur Pool, Rock Creek Park which is a part of the National Park system, Rock Creek Park Nature Center, and Horse Stables.

Why would you recommend Petworth to families?

Beyond the many things to do within the neighborhood, we have a strong, tangible community in Petworth. We have close connections with neighbors – ones who have been here short or long times, ones who are older and younger, ones who come from all over the world and country, and ones who, yes, may take your unlocked bike, but will still smile at you on the sidewalk. This is a neighborhood where neighbors really do look after one another, laugh with each other, stop each other for chats, pass stuff among each other, take care of each other’s kids, and hang out together socially, planned or unplanned.

What nearby schools or childcare places do kids go to?

Powell Bilingual Elementary – DCPS
Bruce Monroe at Park View Bilingual Elementary – DCPS
West Education Campus – DCPS
Raymond Education Campus – DCPS
Barnard Elementary School- DCPS
E. L. Haynes Public Charter School
Creative Minds International Public Charter School
Dorothy Height Public Charter School
Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School

Where are your favorite places to shop in Petworth?

We love to shop at Fia’s Fabulous Finds, Loyalty Bookstores, and Willow. Also, head to Lincoln’s Cottage in the neighborhood. They have a super cute, well-stocked gift store on site. And don’t forget to take a tour!

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Petworth?

There are so many great places to eat in Petworth, but these are some of my favorites: Timber Pizza, Slash RunHomestead, Lulabelle’s Sweet ShopHitching PostMidlands, and Call Your Mother Deli.

What makes Petworth feel kid-friendly?

Locations like the Petworth Playground, Splash Park, Futsal Court, Basketball Court, Petworth Library, Upshur Outdoor Pool, Upshur playground, Raymond Playground, Grant Circle, Sherman Circle, multiple neighborhood schools, multiple charter schools, in-home daycare centers make Petworth feel very kid-friendly.
Logistics like continuous and smooth sidewalks, bike lanes, speed bumps, wide and updated alleys, bus and metro access, relatively clean and safe surroundings. Ambiance like seeing families, parents, or caretakers walking each time you’re out, seeing families eating out, seeing families spontaneously playing, and socializing outside together. Plus, there is an abundance of family events, planned by community partners, the library, the town itself, or neighbors themselves.

What advice would you give to families who are new to Petworth?

Walk walk walk to explore and engage! Talk to those you pass near your home, or where you’re hanging out (shops, park, library, farmers market), they will want to meet you and guide you to Petworth’s pleasures! Meet your neighbors – knock on their door or find them when outside – let them know you’re new!
Use your porch if you have one! Sign up to at least two of the listservs or Facebook groups listed here, and stay engaged in them when so desired. Attend the community events and invite neighbors over! Offer to babysit neighborhood kids and the favor will be returned – there may even already be a babysitting co-op established! Plan on walking, biking, and scooting as main modes of transportation within the neighborhood.
We always feel safe in Petworth, but our “stuff” feels vulnerable –  secure your bikes and scooters if outside (use only U-locks on adult bikes!), keep your home doors locked, especially basement, keep your car doors locked, and have a plan for delivered packages when you’re not home.

If someone was visiting Petworth for one day, what would you recommend they do?

Enjoy Rock Creek Park for some awesome outside exploration in creeks and forests and go on a great hike to see the horses at the stables.  Then come back to the neighborhood for lunch at Taqueria Del Barrio, where you can eat outside if it’s nice.  Head over to the library to enjoy some books and quiet time for all ages.  Next, visit Lulabelle’s for some yummy ice cream.  Lastly, let some parents treat themselves to hip consignment treasures from Fia’s Fabulous Finds while at least one other parent takes the kids to Petworth Playground and Splash Park around the corner. Don’t be surprised if you end up in a pickup futsal soccer game with our neighbors!

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