Jump Off the Walls at Flight Adventure Park in Springfield

This post is written in partnership with Flight Adventure Park.

Have you ever seen a room with fifty trampolines?  When the manager at Flight Adventure Park in Springfield, Virginia asked this to my five year olds, their eyes lit up.

With the temperatures soaring, we are constantly looking for fun ways for the kids to burn energy and stay cool in the afternoon–especially now that we are adventuring outside the house for indoor activities again.  (Be sure to check out our Indoor Play Places Guide!)  The Flight Adventure Park fit the bill perfectly.  This was our first trip to a trampoline park, and I promise you it will not be our last.

trampoline park foam pit
True happiness in the Foam Zone.

The Main Event — Attractions at Flight Adventure Park

The trampolines absolutely exceeded our expectations.  There are rows and rows of trampolines.  My kids loved bouncing up and down the flat trampolines, and being sure to hit every one.  But, the stars of the main trampoline area for my family undoubtedly were the trampolines that curved up the wall.  The kiddos dubbed this area of the trampoline park the “obstacle course.”  They probably ran up the trampoline walls fifty times, at least.  By the time our session wrapped up, both kiddos were running all the way to the top, flexing their muscles on top the trampoline, then sliding back down.  It was almost like they were mini competitors conquering the American Ninja Warrior Warped Wall.  This was a huge confidence builder and boost.

The two Dodgeball areas also have huge rows of trampolines that curve up the walls.  The kids loved running all over them and (gently) throwing–and dodging–balls.  My five year olds were a bit hesitant to take each other to task on the Battle Beam.  But, I suspect this–as well as the Rope Ladder and Airslam Basketball–would be a huge hit with bigger kids.

Flight Adventure Park
Fifty trampolines in one room!

Kidz Zone For The Littles

At Flight Adventure Park, there is a special area for kiddos 46 inches and under–and it is great.  This is the home of the Foam Zone, aka giant foam pit–or as my kids like to call it, the block pit.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  My kids jumped into the foam bit over and over and over again.  And repeated that a few times.  For expectation setting with bigger kids, the Foam Zone is only in this area of the facility; there is not a big kid corollary.

Grown Ups Can Have Fun Too!

Remember watching the trampoline scene in the movie Big?  Be like Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins and live your best life on all the trampolines!  I was hesitant at first and was just running around following my littles, but eventually I could not resist the opportunity to really get into trampoline dodge ball with the kids.  (The balls were shockingly soft!)

For the non-jumpers, there are benches throughout the facility that offer views of various activities.  There are also a number of massage chairs available.  These seemed to be a hit with several dads while we were there.

Flight Adventure Park
We are getting stronger! There were lots of confidence boosting activities around the trampoline park.

Flight Socks Are A Must

All jumpers must wear socks–and not just any socks; special grippy socks that you must buy from Flight Adventure Park.  Just keep in mind that these socks will add $3 per jumper.  Keep them and reuse them next time you take flight.

Take Advantage of the Summer Special

Flight Adventure Park is offering a summer-long special starting at only $99. What a deal!  You can jump an hour each day from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day weekend or upgrade to two hours per day for only $119.  With wall to wall trampolines, a Race Course, Laser Race and more, this is a perfect family fun activity. Family passes also available for the family to play together which is great for connecting with the kids while they bounce off the walls, literally!  Purchase your Summer Special pass today. Offer expires May 31! Summer passes will still be available throughout June, but not at the discounted rate.

The Legal Stuff

Not surprisingly, you must sign a waiver for all jumpers.  But, pro tip, you can sign them online in advance of arriving at the venue, so that you don’t have to worry about waivers upon arrival.  Alternatively, you can sign the trampoline park waiver in person on an iPad.  Even though there was no line for the iPad waiver when we arrived, my kiddos were a little antsy while I completed the form because they were so excited to jump.

Battle Beam at trampoline park
Who do you think got knocked off the Battle Beam?

COVID Protocols at Flight Adventure Park

At present, COVID protocols are in place and social distancing is encouraged with directional tape on the floor and masks are required indoors.  Staff are strictly compliant with the mask policy, and jumpers seemed to be as well.  Some parents were spotted with masks off while we were there, but they generally seemed to be sitting by themselves (e.g. in the massage chair) while their kids jumped.  Flight Adventure Park is following local guidance on masks.