Is Your Child (or you?!) Ready for a Sleep Away Camp?

Is sleep away camp right for your child or maybe the question should be, is sleep away camp for you? Did you go to sleep away camp growing up? We have decided to send our oldest daughter to camp. She just finished second grade and I think she’s ready. I went to summer camp for nine years and I loved every minute of it. Yes, part of me wants to send her to camp because I went to this camp and loved it and I really want her to go to camp and love it too. But, I know camp is not for everyone. We have decided to send her to sleep away camp where I’m from and the camp that I went to. I know she will be taken care of and will meet so new friends from different states.

Several Weeks at Sleep Away Camp

When people ask what my daughter is doing this summer she tells them that she is going away to camp for four weeks. You should see the look on their faces! I know some people think it’s crazy to send our child away for four weeks but not to me! That’s what I did when I was growing up. Cleary I’ll be living vicariously through my daughter when she’s away at camp and hoping she’s having the most amazing time like I did when I went away to camp. I know I am going to miss her dearly but I honestly don’t think she’s going to miss us too much because she is going to be too busy having fun with her new friends.

Is Sleep Away Camp Right for Everyone? 

Fast forward a few years and I start to think about my second daughter and wonder if sleep away camp is right for her. I know sleep away camp is not for everyone and there are excellent options for traditional camps. So when it’s my middle daughter’s turn to go to camp I will just hope and hope and hope that she loves it just like I know my oldest will. Doing something you’re not completely comfortable with sometimes helps you break out of your shell. And I’m hoping in the next two years, my middle daughter will be ready when it’s her turn to go. Our third daughter is probably ready to head off to camp tomorrow and she’s only four! Things change and we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Favorite Sleep Away Camps

I have included a list of camps that are sleep away camps near DC but also listed are a couple of camps in other states like North Carolina and Texas. It is all about finding the right camp for your child (and your family). And some of the camps around here will allow families to visit first!

Camp Greystone in Zirconia, NC

Camp Mystic in Hunt, TX

The Greater Rochester YMCA in Rochester, NY

Camp Horizons in Harrisonburg, VA

Camp Quest Chesapeake in Haymarket, VA

Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash