A Trip To The Movie Theater? Definitely!


A trip to the movie theater does not sound appealing to most these days. Well, I’m here to try and convince you otherwise.

trip to the movie theaterThis winter we were anticipating yet another DC snow storm and were stumped what to do… how about a trip to the movie theater? Our 3.5 year old son has never been, so he has no idea what it’s like to watch a movie on an enormous screen, hear surround sound, and eat delicious buttered popcorn. We had no idea what to expect since we had not been to a movie theater in over two years. Challenge accepted!

Welcome Back To The Movies

Order Ahead

We purchased our tickets ahead of time on Fandango so we were able to see seat availability and avoid any ticket counter lines. When choosing the movie to see, we selected one that had been released a few weeks ago to ensure we were avoiding major crowds.

What to Expect

When we arrived, an attendant checked our vaccination records and ensured we had masks. Once inside, we ordered our son the “typical” kid’s tray of snacks, and enjoyed a bucket of popcorn ourselves. I saw that they even had the option of mobile ordering concessions (which seems like a great limited contact idea).

Mask Up Unless Actively Eating/Drinking

There were only two other couples in the entire theater which made me feel very comfortable about our movie selection. After snacking away on our treats, we placed our masks back on. This also helped us from over-snacking, which I do every time.

Have Fun

During the credits, my son jumped up from his seat and broke out in the happiest dance. This was such a memorable experience for us as parents and my son has a new appreciation for sitting and watching a movie.

I forget how easy it is to get caught up in all the things in your home. I focus on the chores that need to be done or the mindlessness of social media. It was so enjoyable to take the time to connect on a film with my loved ones. I cannot wait to catch another movie at the movie theater, in the near future!


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