Education for the Future? Yes, Please.

This is sponsored by Capitol Learning Academy. We hope you enjoy learning about their school for the future.

Thirty-five 6-year-olds in one classroom with one teacher. Seriously? I cannot begin to imagine. That scenario is what got me to look into alternatives to public education. My son was heading into first grade three years ago, and his school at the time was combining the two Kindergarten classes from the previous year. He was coming home upset, saying things like “I’m bored. All we do is worksheets,” and “‘so and so’ bent my finger back and I don’t know why.” He deserved so much better than this. We lasted three weeks. I pulled him out to start homeschooling, and began with my daughter the following year. Homeschooling was going well enough, but I was still looking for something else. I felt there was something more than I was capable of giving them, and I wanted them to have it. 

Capitol Learning Academy Stands Out 

One night while browsing Facebook, I happened upon an ad for Capitol Learning Academy (CLA). I don’t usually click ads, to be honest, but my curiosity was piqued. Not really thinking it would lead to anything, I looked through the website, then showed it to my husband. We decided to attend an informational meeting a few days later. There, we met Alexandra Roosenburg, the Founder and Executive Director, and spent the better part of an hour peppering her with questions, getting as many details from her as we could. In the car on our way home, my husband and I both said “We need to do this.” Additionally, their admissions process is unique because they offer an “indexed tuition” model based on income

This was the something more that I was looking for. She told us she was making a school for the future. A school and curriculum where the kids will learn how to learn. A school where they will learn how to work together with others. A diverse school with an inclusive atmosphere, with kids from all different kinds of backgrounds. A school where they will learn about their community and the part they play in it. A micro-school with an amazing student/teacher ratio. A project-based school, not one filled with worksheets. This was what I wanted to give them through homeschooling, but it was better. This was a seasoned educator with passion, which is something I believe we were lucky to find. Alex has a passion and vision for education, and my husband and I could sense this as soon as we met her. 

Important Info About Capitol Learning Academy

  • 8 to 1 student-teacher ratio
  • Individualized and learner-centered curriculum
  • Tuition indexed for each family based on household income
  • Tuition ranges between $2,000 to $20,000 per year
  • Community-based learning: in and around Washington, DC every day
  • Rolling admissions
  • First day of school: August 26, 2019

In the months that have followed, Alex has found a great location in Capitol Hill and we have all gotten to know the Founding Learning Facilitator, Cha’ron, whom we love as well. Our kids have attended most of their day camp activities and had a ton of fun. In fact, our daughter will tell anyone who will listen how they have played with virtual reality, programmed robots, been taught step routines by a cool instructor, and learned about and worked on projects with NASA employees, just to name a few. I am so excited for my kids to officially begin at Capitol Learning Academy this fall. I have no idea what life will be like for them in 10+ years, but I believe that Alex and Cha’ron will help them on their way to figure out how to adapt to whatever that world will be so they can find their place in it.

If you are searching for an option for your child this fall, please email [email protected] at or apply here


This post was written by a mom of two who is sending her children to CLA this Fall.