TV Shows for Moms! (although not JUST for moms)


If you’re like my husband and I, when the day is done…and the kid(s) is in bed…and the house is cleaned up…AND food prep for the next day is done, if you can muster up any energy, you turn to each other and say — “What TV shows do you want to watch?” Sorry if you thought that was going a sexier way.

We try and make it a point to be on the couch with each other and watch at least one show a night. It’s our time together at the end of a busy work day. Before we had our son, we were avid TV watchers and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m that person who needs the TV on in the background while I’m doing chores. I fall asleep with the TV on every night too. I know you’re not supposed to, but I don’t care. It’s my comfort.

Since we now have a very active 2-year-old, our beloved TV watching is down to about one (two if we’re feeling crazy) episode a day. But still, I feel like we stay pretty plugged in to the TV shows that are trending. I also listen to a lot…I repeat, A LOT of podcasts…although I wish I could say they have anything to do with parenting or motherhood. I’m a true crime fanatic, so they’re mostly about something awful, but I have many recommendations if you’re a true crime addict too. If you’re looking for something that won’t cause you to sleep on alert, try my friend Katie’s parenting-related podcast. It’s great and it’s real.

Besides podcasts, I feel like people are always asking for recommendations for TV shows… so here are my: 

Favorite TV Shows for Moms:

  1. Catastrophe on Amazon. This show is about as real as it gets. It’s a comedy and centers around one married couple’s relationship. They also have two children, but it’s really about their relationship through the years, becoming parents, losing parents, etc. I love it and am brokenhearted that it has ended after its 4th season.
  2. The Letdown on Netflix. This is some real mom stuff. In the first episode, the main character ends up going to her first “mommy and me”-type class and I was just like “yes, yes and yes.” The very first scene of the show is funny and highly relatable. 
  3. Dead To Me on Netflix. My husband and I binged this show. It’s new, so there’s only one season right now. Christina Applegate’s character IS a mom, and there IS some parenting stuff she has to deal with of course…but things happen in this show that aren’t really real. Think along the lines of Desperate Housewives. It’s a pretty good show. Looking forward to season two! 
  4. Ali Wong on Netflix. This stand-up comic has two specials: “Baby Cobra” was filmed when she was pregnant the first time and “Hard Knock Wife” was filmed when she was pregnant with her second, so there’s something for every mom.
  5. And while we’re on the topic of comics, please get to know Jim Gaffigan if you haven’t already. He is a successful comic and father of five! His specials are on Netflix and he has at least one on Amazon. He is so great and his comedy is clean…no curse words. The others on this list so far? – not so much…watch after the kids are asleep or  while they are at the grandparents.
  6. Wine Country on Netflix. This is a movie, but it’s only about 1hr 40min. This is a girls trip movie that you are going to love…I promise you. I watched it with my husband and he laughed along as well. Inside, I was secretly planning my next girls trip (which I love!). 
  7. Honorable mentions: there are two shows that a lot of parents talk about, but that I only like kind of. But, you may want to check them out because – to each their own – you may like them more than I do: Workin’ Moms via Netflix and I’m Sorry on truTV. I have to say that I do put I’m Sorry on sometimes to have something going while I play on my phone. Nothing like a good show that you can play around on your phone to. 

Whatever you choose, being able to unwind and relax at the end of the day is so important. Watching TV shows just happens to be my kind of self care, but pick your own adventure. And by adventure, I mean lying around.