Home Delivery Meals From Occasions Caterers for Busy Families

This article is written in partnership with Occasions Caterers. I hope you enjoy learning about the new service they are offering to area families.

This is a wild time in the world right now trying to keep up with all.the.things. Worrying about loved ones, educating the kids, keeping the house tidy, feeding kids, working intermittently, preparing meals again and again, etc. In our house, grocery shopping and making meals has taken a disproportionate amount of our time as we try to abide by new CDC guidance and struggle to snag one of the few grocery delivery times available. It’s a lot! Enter home delivery meals from Occasions Caterers!

An amazing service that I have used and will use again is Occasions Caterers. This well-known, locally owned and operated, delicious catering business is now offering amazing home-delivery options via pre-set meals, a la carte entrees, sides, soups, sweets, BYO kits, even beer, wine, and batched cocktails! Local produce and dairy bundles are available too. Occasions sources and prepares their food locally. They deliver meals right to your door—completely contactless.

I tried it and it was amazing! The quality and quantity of food completely blew me away. So much food and all gourmet tasting! All we had to do was heat the meal up as directed in a handy, provided guide. Simple, easy to do and a huge mental burden lifted. No meal planning, no grocery shopping, just heat items up at home and it’s ready for your family to eat. And eat again and again! The kids loved it, and we were able to try new dishes that exceed our own culinary skills! 



Ready to place your order?

Simply check out their website for HOME DELIVERY (menu options change bi-weekly!) and complete this order formI have loved Occasions Caterers food at local events and it is such a treat to enjoy their gourmet food at home with our family. The price is reasonable but the quantity of food is enjoyably unreasonable (so much food!). Some items they deliver are actually hard to find at the grocery store too! Not only is it helping a local business, but they also give a portion of their proceeds to the DC food bank. It really is a win-win! If you have considered ordering a meal service like this, please give it a try. 

Here are answers to a few of their frequently asked questions:

Logistics: What’s the delivery range? How far in advance do customers need to order? Do you offer no-contact deliveries? 

  • Occasions delivers within the Beltway for a flat fee of $25.
  • Anything outside of the Beltway is priced per mile.
  • Occasions delivers Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11AM-4PM.
  • Orders are accepted until noon on the business day prior to delivery.
  • Occasions gloved drivers drop-off items on your doorstep (or other client designated area), and notifications are sent via text or phone call when deliveries are made.

What kind of selection does Occasions Caterers offer? 

  • Pre-Set Menus come in two sizes. A whole order serves 4+ with leftovers. A half order serves two with leftovers. These meals are intended to last for several meals, stock the fridge for several days, or the freezer for months. They include a main course, a vegetable side dish, a starch, an activity course like guacamole or pasta that’s meant to be assembled at home, a salad, two desserts, and a side. There are also standby “add-on” items that clients can add to their meal kits, such as grazing items, appetizers, desserts, family pizza-making, etc.
  • A la carte options are available with a $150 Food and Beverage minimum—entrees, sides, soups, sweets, and BYO kits.
  • Occasions also can deliver wine, beer, spirits, mixers and batched cocktails (only available in DC). 
  • Fresh flower delivery is also an option for Friday afternoon deliveries from Lynnvale Flower Farm & Studio.

How often does the menu change?

  • Menus change on a bi-weekly basis. Food and alcohol offerings rotate each week. Check for updates every Tuesday.

Are there kid-friendly Items?

  • Kid-Friendly Cooking Kits are available! Stay in with your family and have food brought to you? Sign us up! From the classic mac and cheese to make-your-own pizza, they are keeping the kids busy and their bellies full.

Special Dietary Needs? 

  • No problem! Occasions makes sure to offer vegetarian entrees and sides, plus all items are labeled to indicate whether an item is vegetarian, gluten-free, or nut-free (V, GF, NF).

How many people do the meals serve? Are they all heat-and-serve? Family style? 

  • As previously mentioned, it’s all family-style. Half orders serve two with leftovers and a whole order serves 4 or more with leftovers.
  • Occasions uses disposable and oven-ready containers, and they provide heating and serving instructions.

I can’t express how genuinely impressed I am with the service Occasions provides. The heart, prep, and planning they put into creating, cooking, and delivering these meals have exceeded my expectations. I never would have thought I’d be ordering meal kits from Occasions Caterers to my home, but I am so glad I did! I plan to order a delivery again because of the incredible quality of the produce, skillful preparation and presentation, and generous quantity of food.

P.S. Check out their mobile market option as well. Occasions Caterers is filling a real need for our area and I am here for it!  



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