Essential Spring Decor Tips


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an eye for beautiful home decor. I grew up in a house where everything was always in it’s place. Every few weeks, the decor always changed based on the traditional holidays we celebrated throughout the year. My mom was always very adamant and consistent with celebrations and that included decor. When I bought my own home, I had already planned a theme that would resonate throughout my entire house and began to Pinterest various ideas for furniture, wall art, and paint colors that would coincide with the chosen theme.

Over the years, I have developed my own collection of holiday decor with my Christmas and Easter decor being some of my absolute favorite and most elaborate. I understand that to some, the thought of decorating an entire house can be completely overwhelming, especially when starting from scratch or moving to a new place. Please see tips that I swear by below.

Spring Decor TipsPick a Decor Theme

I always think about what my vision is and the preferred color scheme surrounding that vision. In the past and recently, I typically choose color palettes such as pastels for Easter and Spring, a non traditional mint green/blue or red and white for Christmas, and mix of pastels, coral, and nautical (sans red) for summer. Lastly, I choose butternuts and off whites for fall.

Spring Decor TipsSpecify Decor Area:

After I have chosen my theme, I narrow down a few places in my house that I want to focus on, and most of the places I chose are “safe” areas where my toddler doesn’t typically play and are not “high traffic” areas of the house. I know this may seem impossible, as living in our area where large spaces are an anomaly, but trust me, with some pre-planning, you can make it happen. My favorite areas to decorate in my house are the far side of my kitchen island and the center of my table (far enough where the toddler can’t reach). I also always have a wreath for every season/holiday and a corresponding doormat.

Where to Shop?

For years, I have thoroughly enjoyed holiday and seasonal shopping hauls at places that are popular but reasonably priced for holiday decor, such as HomeGoods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. I typically allow myself no more than five large items and no more than three small items per season. This could include large fun block signs or small scented candles that go with your theme. Additionally, throughout the year, I sometimes wait for clearance at the end of the season to get started early on next year’s potential theme and decor.

I hope these tips were helpful in getting started on making celebrations and decorating a little more fun and a lot less overwhelming. Have fun shopping—can’t wait to see your decor!

Spring Decor Tips


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