Make This Adorable Apple Turkey Craft For Your Thanksgiving Table


This quick and easy apple turkey craft is a cute way to decorate your Thanksgiving table and provide a sweet (but not too sweet!) treat for your guests. It’s also a fun project for younger kids without the mess. I learned how to make apple turkeys in kindergarten, and I will continue to make them with my kids until they no longer sell colorful mini marshmallows (which are hard to find these days, so order in advance!). 

Appropriate for ages 3 and up. Close supervision advised for young kids.

Time to make: 10 minutes or less

Apple Turkey Craft Supplies:

  • Apples for everyone coming to dinner
  • 6 toothpicks for each apple
  • 1 bag of colorful mini marshmallows
  • 1 bag of gumdrops (or similar gummy candy)

Step 1: Wash the apples and remove the stems.

Step 2: Insert the toothpicks to create the skeleton for the apple turkey. 

Rest an apple on the table and determine which side will hold the feathers. You can either use the taller side or the shorter side—your choice! The other side will hold the head. Insert 5 toothpicks on the side with the feathers; insert 1 toothpick on the side with the head.

My toddler is 2, and he enjoyed eating the apple and sticking the toothpicks all over the apple! Just be careful if your child wants to eat the apple while he or she decorates—they may get a poke from the toothpicks if they’re not careful!

Step 3: Add marshmallows to create the apple turkey’s feathers! 

Poke the marshmallows one by one onto the 5 toothpicks on the feather side. It’s OK if you sneak a few to snack on! It’s starting to look like an apple turkey now!

Step 4: Add a gumdrop to the toothpick for the apple turkey’s head. 

Note: I couldn’t find a bag of actual gumdrops in my grocery store, so I used a bag of orange gummies instead. Looks more like a turkey head anyway! But if you get a bag of gumdrops, each apple turkey can have a different color head for a more colorful and festive table decoration.

Step 5: Place one apple turkey at each place setting. 

Your guests will have something sweet to eat when dinner is done and they’re waiting for pie!

It’s so much fun to include your kids in decorating and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, as it creates fun and lasting memories. Check out this blog post for more ways to include your kids in celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.

What are some ways you include your kids in decorating your Thanksgiving table? What different decorations do you make with younger kids vs. older kids?

Comment below to share your ideas!