5 Easy Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork with Style


It’s October, and I don’t know about you, but we are finally getting into that good back to school groove in this house! As we settle into the routines of a new school year, we can count on our kids bringing home three things: new knowledge, new skills, and new artwork (SO. MUCH. ARTWORK.)! Let’s be real here for a minute… the amount of paper that one tiny child can bring home from school is just mind boggling. What are we supposed to do with it all??? Don’t worry, I am here with a plan (well, at least for the artwork)! If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know: I’m a big fan of displaying your child’s art at home. It lets them know that you value their hard work, creativity, and imagination. Additionally, it encourages young kids to continue with their art practice and hone all those super important fine motor skills (thank you, art class!).

I’m also a busy mom. I need EASY ways to display my kiddo’s artwork. And bonus points for ways that look purposeful and design-friendly. It’s time to reclaim the front of the refrigerator! Are you with me??

5 Easy Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork with Style

1. The Articulate Gallery Frame

I love this frame’s clean, white design, perfect for anyone (or any home!) with a modern aesthetic. This frame has open slots along the top or side so that paper can be slipped in and out with ease. Switch up the display any time your little one brings home a new masterpiece. It also comes in a ton of different configurations guaranteeing that one (or more) will fit in your space. Bonus points: There is room to store more artwork behind the piece that is currently on view. 

2. The Ready Made Frame

I love the ready made frame aisle at my local Michaels craft store. They have a terrific selection of inexpensive frames in standard sizes that come with matting. For example, the white wooden frame pictured above is part of the Home by Studio Decor collection at Michaels. The frame measures 16×20 in. and comes with white matting sized for an 11×14 in. opening. For the amazing cheetah artwork featured above, however, I needed matting sized for an 8×10 in. opening. The solution? I also purchased this white signature mat by Studio Decor. When it comes to displaying kids artwork, it is so worth it to go that one extra step and purchase the right sized mat. It’s an inexpensive way to instantly make a framed artwork feel custom and luxe.

3. The Washi Tape Frame

We always have washi tape on hand in our arts supply bin at home. This tape is so much fun to incorporate into art projects. It’s easy to tear (making it perfect for tiny fingers) and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. Washi tape is also not as sticky as regular tape. It’s easy to peel off and reposition, which is why its okay to try on your walls! 

A Few Tips:

  • A washi tape frame is best suited for artwork created on thinner, light-weight paper
  • Use a wide washi tape to create your frame 
  • For extra staying power, add two (or more) layers of tape overlapping each one slightly
  • Use your finger to firmly press and smooth the washi tape down (check back in as needed if you notice the tape coming up)

This “frame” does not have the longevity of a more traditional option, but that’s also what makes it so fun! No hammering and no nail holes in your walls. Additionally, kids will enjoy picking out the perfect tape to frame each artwork. And when you’re ready for something new? Peel it off and start fresh!

4. The Binder Clip Display

Have a few colorful binder clips stashed away in your office? These are a fun way to display individual pieces on paper. Group them together for a creative and inexpensive way to fill a whole wall! For this project, I purchased Scotch removable mounting putty. Pull apart a small amount (it has a consistency similar to Play Doh) and adhere to the wall in the desired location. Next, firmly press the top of the binder clip into the putty. Lastly, I covered the putty with a small piece of decorative washi tape for a more finished look (PRO TIP: washi tape alone is not strong enough to adhere a binder clip to a wall). 

I was really happy with this removable mounting putty. I love that this whole wall display can be created without making a single nail hole. Keep in mind, however, that this product might leave a little residue when it is removed. 

5. The Framebridge Frame

Have something really special that needs framing? Pictured above is the first picture that my son drew in pre-school of our entire family (even our sweet cat made the cut!). My heart melted when I saw this drawing and I knew that this piece needed to be preserved. But where do you turn when you are looking for custom framing without the custom price tag? Try Framebridge! They make framing easy in just 3 Steps:

  1. Visit their website and pick out framing.
  2. Upload or mail in your art or photograph (using a free pre-paid mailer). 
  3. Wait for the framed piece to be mailed back to you!

And if you would like to check out the frame samples or deliver your artwork in person, Framebridge now has two storefront locations in the DC area (in Washington DC: 1919 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20009 and in Maryland: 4806 Bethesda Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814). 

Celebrate your kid’s artwork at home! With these 5 EASY ways to display their masterpieces, your home’s walls will thank you!