7 Lessons You Learn When You Declutter Your Home

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Believe it or not you can learn some valuable lessons when you begin to declutter your home. Even though sorting through old books, shoes, clothing, and assorted odds and ends can seem like a painstaking process, below are 7 lessons you learn when you declutter your home.

1. Guilt Doesn’t Equal Need to Have

One thing that keeps us from decluttering is knowing someone else paid for the gifts they gave us. Whether it’s clothes, home decor, or the rocking chair mom used to rock us to sleep, we feel guilty about just getting rid of it. But feeling guilty for not keeping it, doesn’t mean that you still need it. Some items simply outlive their usefulness and that’s okay.

2. Out of Sight is Out of Mind

If you’re having trouble with decluttering your home, do it in stages by simply boxing up items you don’t need and storing them away. You’ll be surprised to find that out of sight really is out of mind. You won’t miss those items nearly as much as you think.

3. Less is More

When it comes to your home, less is more. When you declutter, you open up the space in your home so you can enjoy it more. It takes less time to clean and leaves you more time for fun.

4. Practical is Priceless

Another lesson you learn when you declutter your home is that practical is priceless. Once you start to sort through what you really use versus what you simply have around, you’ll start to value the practical items you use time and time again.

5. You Learn What Makes You Happy

When you declutter your home, you learn what truly makes you happy. The process of decluttering can help you find your joy in little ways. And if you do decide that even after decluttering, you need more space, you can enlist the help of Spekless, a Washington, DC area home and apartment cleaning service to leave the old home behind and move to your new home.

6. It’s Way Easier Than You Think

Once you conquer the guilt over getting rid of stuff, you’ll find that decluttering is way easier than you think it is. One great way to begin is to set your timer for 10 minutes and quickly pull items from your closet to sell or donate. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fill a bag with unneeded items in just a short time.

7. The Stuff You Keep Means More

As you spend time decluttering your home, one of the lessons you learn is that the stuff you keep means more than it did before. When you have to think about whether or not to keep something, it forces you to recognize the value of that item in your life. You’ll find yourself taking better care of what you have left and you may be more willing to invest in it if it needs repair because you know its value.

Today’s post is from Anita Edwards–professional writer and editor. She works as blog editor at Spekless, where she shares her own and her colleagues’ tips for cleaning. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and going on day trips with her children.