Make Your Own Halloween Mummy Treat Holder!


I have many happy memories of Halloween. My mom made amazing costumes every year, and every year she made them super last minute. My dad decorated our house with spooky decorations, and together my parents threw a Halloween party for our friends. It was truly a family affair. For each party, my parents (and eventually we kids) would make mummy treat holders as party favors. Because they are made from toilet paper rolls, we’d have to remember to start collecting materials way sooner than Halloween! So if you’re interested in making this craft, make sure to save your toilet paper rolls in advance.

These Halloween mummy treat holders can be used as party favors, or they can be given as gifts to daycare providers, teachers, parent friends—just about anyone! Think about your audience and purchase fun tiny treats to stick inside. For kids, I like to use spooky rings, tiny dinosaurs, fun erasers, and small candies. For grown-ups, you could do printed gift certificates for coffee, fun Halloween jewelry, and even tiny bottles of liquor. There are plenty of tiny treats to include, including non-food treats!

Time to make: 20 minutes (or less) per holder

Supplies for the Halloween Mummy Treat Holder:

  • 1 toilet paper roll per holder
  • 1 sheet of white paper per holder
  • A few sheets of paper towel
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Scissors


Step 1:

Cut two small squares of paper towel to cover the top and bottom of the toilet paper roll. Line the top of the roll with glue and then cover the top with the square of paper towel, pressing on the sides so that it sticks. This will secure the treats in the holder.


Step 2:

Cut thin strips of paper. You’ll use about one sheet of 8″ by 10″ paper to cover one toilet paper roll.


Step 3:

Rub a strip of paper with glue and wrap the strip around the toilet paper roll, starting from the paper towel. Don’t worry about covering the paper towel edges just yet—you’ll do that at the very end. For now, just focus on covering the toilet paper roll with paper.


Step 4:

When it feels like the paper towel square at the top is secure, and when your toilet paper roll is about half-covered, fill the roll with treats. Rub glue along the bottom side of the toilet paper roll and press the paper towel square to adhere.


Step 5:

Continue wrapping the toilet paper roll with strips of paper until it’s completely covered and looks like a mummy.


Step 6:

Wrap one strip of paper around the very top to cover the ends of the paper strips and to secure the paper towel square. Do the same on the bottom.


Step 7:

Draw a face on the mummy with a black marker. You can draw a scary mummy or a friendly mummy—totally up to you!


To get to the treats, just poke a hole in the paper towel on the top or bottom!

I hope you enjoy making this Halloween mummy treat holder. Comment below with other fun ideas you have for Halloween treat holders!