Play This Halloween Game and Join the Spooky Window Hunt if You Dare {+ FREE Printables}


Halloween will be here in the blink of an eye! While traditional Trick or Treating likely won’t be happening this year, there is still fun to be had with Halloween crafts at home, visiting pumpkin patches, or enjoying the gorgeous fall foliage in nature. With fall comes breezy weather and falling leaves—and a fun Halloween game we like to call the Spooky Window Hunt!

We challenge you to make your home extra fun for neighbors and friends this Halloween by participating in a spooky window hunt. Then, take a walk with your own family and try to find others who are playing tricks on you with spooky Halloween decorations. Who in your family can find the most Halloween decorations? How many Halloween printables do you see? What Halloween decoration do you find the most?

Here is how to participate in the Spooky Window Hunt:

  • Print these FREE Printables (or create your own) and have your children color them!
  • Display your colorful Halloween art on front-facing windows for neighbors to see.
  • To get more festive and include others, spread the word to your neighborhood and network! Share this idea in your Facebook groups or text threads.
  • Have your Halloween artwork displayed by October 19 until Halloween on October 31.

>>> Click here for 7 Halloween Printables <<<

From October 19-31, search for spooky windows in your scavenger hunt!

Click on image to access 7 free printable coloring pages.

See how many spooky windows you can find! Be sure to share your child’s artwork with us @dcmoms on Instagram! 

Enjoy this SPOOKtacular Halloween!

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