Halloween Crafts For All Ages


Halloween crafts are some of our favorite fall activities when we aren’t frolicking at a pumpkin patch.  (Be sure to check out the DC Moms Guide to Pumpkin Patches & Fall Fun!)  My three-year-old twins and I set out to find some Halloween crafts that are fun for all ages.  Trust me, if we can do these Halloween crafts, you can too.

Q-Tip Skeleton

Supplies: Black construction paper or cardstock, Q-tips, white paint, paintbrush, glue, wipes and newspaper recommended for easy cleanup.

Simple, easy, and a crowd-pleaser for my three-year-old crowd.  The kiddos took turns painting each other’s arms, mom helped with hand stamp placement, and the kids had fun gluing the Q-tips in place.  We did this project with black construction paper, but the white paint would be more vibrant on cardstock. 

Q Tip Skeleton Halloween Craft
Q-tip skeletons were low mess and big fun for the kiddos.

Salt Pumpkin

Supplies: Black construction paper or cardstock, glue, salt, watercolors, a cup of water for watercolors, pencil or chalk to draw pumpkin, wipes and newspaper recommended for easy cleanup.

Draw (or trace) a pumpkin onto black cardstock with a pencil or chalk.  Trace over the pumpkin with glue and cover with salt.  For my littles, I did the glue and let them sprinkle the salt.  It was a mess, but they loved it.  The watercolor took more time than I had anticipated, but both kiddos really had fun with it.  I could imagine older kids really enjoying this one and maybe getting creative with an ombré pumpkin.  We did this project with black construction paper, but recommend cardstock to better hold the weight of the salt and withstand the watercolors.

Salt pumpkin halloween crafts
Be sure to work on top of newspaper or in a pan when salting the pumpkin!

Egg Carton Witch

Supplies:  Egg carton, black construction paper, raffia or yarn for hair, googly eyes, green paint, paintbrush, scissors, hot glue, marker or Sharpie for mouth, wipes and newspaper recommended for easy cleanup.

Cut an egg carton, paint it green, use construction paper to make a witch’s hat (honestly, the hardest part), affix googly eyes with glue, then have fun creating your witch’s hairstyle with raffia or yarn.  Draw on a smile and, viola.  Sounds simple, right?  Warning: this is an aggressive Halloween craft with a pre-schooler.  If you are not keen to use a hot glue gun around a kid, consider using yarn instead of raffia and glue it to the egg carton with Elmer’s or tacky glue.  I was hesitant, but the hot glue worked really well.

Big kids can really have fun with this Halloween craft.  There are lots of ways to express creativity and individuality.  For example, consider different materials to use for the witches hair, experiment with different greens for the witches face, and have fun with the witch’s hat.

Egg Carton Witch Halloween Craft
Egg carton witches were a challenging Halloween craft for the littles, but even Daddy got excited about how these turned out.

Smell My Feet Ghosts

Supplies:  Orange or black construction paper or cardstock, white paint, paintbrush, marker, wipes and newspaper recommended for easy cleanup.

A classic.  Paint feet one at a time and step onto construction paper to make a ghost.  Depending on the attention span and level of cooperation you are dealing with, you can also do the footprints at the same time.  Smell My Feet Ghosts have become an annual tradition in our house, one I hope we continue to watch their little feet grow through the years.

Smelly My Feet Ghost footprints can be an annual tradition to watch little feet grown through the years.