2019’s Best New Toys for the Holidays (For Boys and Girls!)

This post is written in partnership with Wicked Uncle. We hope you enjoy learning about the wonderful toys they offer children!

Wicked Uncle USA is a unique toy store that opened in the DC area to serve all the USA just two years ago with one mission – to help parents find fun, great value, unique toys that children will love – and that they don’t already have. 

And so, here are our 10 new favorites toys for 2019 for birthdays or the holidays from the Toy Fairs this year. The big one each year is in New York and, if anyone wants to come, we can probably get you in! For specialty retailers like us looking for weird and wonderful, the ASTRA show moves around (it was in Pittsburgh this year).

Top New Toys and Gifts for Kids for 2019:

  1. Mini Hornit  
  2. Robodragon
  3. Aqua Diver 
  4. Shashibo
  5. Soapsox Sharky or Hippo
  6. Neon Glow Art Message Frame
  7. Wicked Pranks and Jokes
  8. Pindaloo
  9. Adopt a Penguin
  10. Unicorn Speak and Repeat

We’ve kid tested all of these gifts, and, most important, we know that toys are fun at different ages and the guidance given on the box is often not that useful. Often the “age 3+” just means “safe for all ages above 3,” but not that a 7 year old will enjoy the toy as much as a 12 year old. So, we kid test to see what ages actually enjoy receiving and playing with the toys. Just take a look at the differences for a 3 year old and a 7 year old and a 12 year old to get a sense. 

1. Mini Hornit – 25 sound and light effects from fire truck to UFO

If they have a bike, what could be cooler than it roaring like a lion? This range of light and sounds works well for all ages from 3 to 12, and we have them in a range of colors. 

2. Robodragon – remote control pet that zooms around and catches bugs

This toy actually was developed in the land of dragons, well… Ireland, and we had it brought over. You can drive him around with the controls and then shoot out his tongue to catch the magnetic bugs. Good for 5 through 9 year olds. 

3. Aqua Diver – best new pool game

PlayMonster came out with a fantastic new pool toy this year – race the squid! Even the timer is water activated. Ideal for 5 through 10 year olds. 

4. Shashibo– shape shifting magnetic puzzle

A strangely addictive, shape shifting magnetic puzzle box that transforms into over 70 shapes. Best for 8 through 12 year olds. Came out this year and already a best seller for us. 

5. Soapsox Sharky or Hippo – bath time fun

A cute bath scrub that feeds on soap to create the lather. Bath time is fun and the shark or purple hippo are perfect for 1 through 3 year olds. 

6. Neon Message Glow Art – available in pink or black

Create glowing messages that change color. Brought over for the first time from Marvins Magic and works for all ages. 

7. Wicked Pranks and Jokes– 100 mischief making jokes

This was introduced by Marvins Magic in the UK last year and is new here – and might even have been designed just for us. 

8. Pindaloo – get in rhythm to get in the loop

Easy to learn, you loop the ball backwards and forwards. New this year but a craze. 

9. Adopt a Penguin –  a real one in the Galapagos

Or a sloth! Both have proven very popular since introduced earlier this year. Lots of information to get your child involved. 

10. Unicorn Talk Back – cuddly, head bopping unicorn that repeats what you say

Admittedly only as clever as you are, but much funnier than you. And we also have a Speak and Repeat Martian and a Dinosaur. 

Get to Know Wicked Uncle Gifts and Toys

Finally, a little about us, Wicked Uncle Gifts and Toys. We’re based in Beltsville, Maryland but ship all over the country.

The company was started over 14 years ago in England with the idea of helping uncles, aunts and grandparents find unique toys and gifts – but, of course, parents soon got in on the act, thank goodness, and to date we have shipped over 1 million presents in the UK and USA.

We are not Amazon. We don’t have everything. But what we do have, we know your children will like. And we love it when we get a review like this:

“Loved your site. I didn’t know what to buy. But saw several of the items on your site that are already my child’s favorites- and others that I had never come across. Reassuring!” 

This post was written by Joel Poznansky. Joel is the President of Wicked Uncle Toys and lives in Bethesda with his wife, who is a school teacher in Silver Spring.