The Best Halloween Books for Toddlers: Our Top 10


I remember when Halloween felt like one of the most exciting days of the year! In grade school, my friends and I would meticulously plan our costumes and trick or treating route. We’d count and trade our candy on the night of the holiday.

When my daughter was born, I looked forward to making cute costumes for her and taking her out to trick or treat. But, I quickly realized a few wrinkles in my excitement – trick or treating starts right around the time our bedtime routine begins, I really don’t need my two year old eating candy, and the big crowds trick or treating around our neighborhood were overwhelming for her.

Now, instead of a big night out, we read books about Halloween throughout the fall, which she thinks is just as fun! Here are some of our favorite Halloween books for toddlers.

The Best Halloween Books for Toddlers – Board Books

The Best Halloween Books for Toddlers - board booksSpot’s Halloween

My daughter’s first Spot book was Where’s Spot, and it became a fast favorite in our house. While this one doesn’t have the same little flaps to lift, it does feature all of the characters she’s come to know in her other Spot books.

In this book, Spot tries to decide what he’ll dress up as for Halloween. There are lots of cute costume ideas in the book, which can lead to fun conversations with your toddler about what he or she would like to be for the holiday.

Trick or Treat, Little Pumpkin

We received this book from a friend last fall, who was worried it might be too “babyish” for my daughter. Little did she know, it would remain a year-round favorite that Coco still loves at age 2.

This book is adorable because it has a soft finger puppet inside that you or your child can use to tell the story. It’s a very short read you child will want to read again and again!

Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?

Karen Katz books are a hit with most toddlers, and their big flaps are easy for little hands to lift and peek under. In this book, baby is searching for her pumpkin, and finds lots of other Halloween tricks and treats along the way!

The Best Halloween Books for Toddlers - board books 2Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

Little Blue Truck is another toddler favorite, with its catchy rhymes and lovable main character.

In this book, Little Blue Truck drives around to pick his friends up for a Halloween party. They’re all in costume, hiding behind flaps your toddler will love to uncover.

Goodnight Goon

If your house is anything like ours, you’ve read Goodnight Moon hundreds, if not thousands, of times. This is a fun twist on the classic, and your child will get a kick out of seeing the similarities. The illustrations are amazing, and you’ll both notice new details each time you read it.

The Best Halloween Books for Toddlers – Paperbacks

The Best Halloween Books for Toddlers - PaperbackThe Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This book has been a huge hit in our house! It’s about a little old lady who goes through a walk in the woods. She hears and sees some things that make her feel scared, but then, in the end, realizes there’s nothing to fear.

The theme of bravery has been great for my daughter, who’s started to develop some fears of things like loud noises and big bugs as she gets older. It offers a great opportunity to talk about these things with her, so we can discuss how they’re not so scary after all!

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

What toddler doesn’t love singing The Wheels on the Bus? Add a few verses to your sing-a-longs with this cute book.  The book also has a counting aspect, adding a little bit of education to the Halloween fun.

Room on the Broom

The rhymes in this book are so fun to read and for toddlers to listen to. My daughter loves chiming in when she knows the rhyming word that’s coming next!

I love this book because of its message of inclusion. Kids will learn there’s always room for more friends, and the power we have when we all work together to help a friend.

The Best Halloween Books for Toddlers - PaperbacksHappy Halloween, Ladybug Girl!

Our toddler is crazy about Ladybug Girl and her fearless adventures. Another thing she loves? Stickers. This book combines the two, as Ladybug Girl prepares for a Halloween party.

Your toddler can help her get the party ready by adding decorations to the cupcakes, finishing touches to costumes, and more in this hybrid story and activity book.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

No list of Halloween books would be complete without this classic. If your child doesn’t already know the Peanuts characters, this is a fun way to introduce them.

In this story, Linus writes his annual letter to the Great Pumpkin to see if it’s coming to the Pumpkin Patch. Is this the year it’ll finally happen? Your toddler will love finding out.

Does your family have any other favorite Halloween books for toddlers? Let us know in the comments! 

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