5 Super Easy Easter Arts and Crafts


Easter is almost here! Here are 5 very simple (not intimidating at all!) Easter arts and crafts ideas for little hands this Easter season. Take a look and, of course, edit things to use what you have at home. These don’t have to be perfect by any means, but when we provide opportunities for creativity, it is amazing what children come up with!

5 Incredibly Easy Easter Arts and Crafts

1. Alphabet Egg Match

For this craft, simply get construction paper and cut out egg shapes. Then have kids draw on them or glue cutouts from magazines on them. Next, write uppercase and lower case alphabet letters on each egg. Afterward, cut along the middle to make it a puzzle that they have to solve. The possibilities are endless! You can also totally use both sides for letters too. Or use cardboard to make this matching game last longer.

2. Easter Bunny Pipe Cleaners with Beads

This simple craft works on young children’s fine motor skills. My son actually came up with this idea! Have children bead two pipe cleaners for the ears. Then connect the two ears to one round pipe cleaner to connect the ears and face. Lastly, have children put beads on the bowtie and connect the bowtie to the face. We had to trim the bowtie to make it an appropriate size.

3. Handprints and Footprints Bunny Rabbit

This craft really captures what THIS year’s Easter looks like. Little children’s hands and feet grow so quickly, so this will become a favorite to decorate within the years ahead. We used card stock and acrylic paint to make it more sturdy. For the green card stock, we simply painted the children’s feet and stamped each one down to make ears. Then did the same for the bunny face. For the pink card stock, we stamped one foot and I painted the ears on. We added some eyes, noses, bowtie, and whiskers for fun. There are so many ways to make variants of this idea, so have fun with it. Also, paint and kids require a special type of patience. Make sure you have wipes nearby and you coach the kids up on what you plan to do. We always want to make sure we are communicating expectations. While you do this craft, you are creating a fun memory in your mind and theirs!

4. Easter Bunny with Toilet Paper Stamper

This painting project requires less mess than the one above. So if you are wanting to keep things neat, this is for you! We used a sheet of paper, acrylic paint, and two toilet paper rolls. One roll we kept round for the face and the second roll we bent a little to make the ears pointy. This is a great introduction to stamps for little hands. The children can decorate the bunny face however they like afterward. They can cut it out, paint it, color it, marker it, hang it up as it, etc. With projects like this, I love to see where their minds wander to continue their creativity.

5. Easter Bunny Portrait

When creating a portrait, we like to read books to feel inspired about what to draw. So start by reading some books with bunnies and then ask them to draw a portrait. Each drawing is so unique and the way each child draws changes over the years because of the way they are growing and learning. I love to date projects like this to look back and see what they’ve done and how they have developed, and what has stayed the same. It is all so unique. Quick tip, when doing a drawing like this, participate! Kids love to see their parents engaged and working toward something that is on their level. Have fun with it.

Do you have any favorite Easter arts and crafts that you like to do with children? Share them in the comments below! If you create something fun, be sure to tag us on social media!

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